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Photo -Reunion At Presho House-(next door to Presho Methodist Church)

News from Bi- State Press Lindley,NY April 13,1939 Published by W.Rutty Passmore ( a young house-bound Lindley resident assisted by friends and family)(Kitty)
Three cents a single copy---75 Cents for six months--- $1.45 for 1 year

Bath- the Board of Steuben County Supervisors at Bath Monday approved 26 projects of highway work. Such work is in 26 towns and the total estimate for the work is $135,000 to be paid from the WPA funds and county road monies.
Of this amount, Lindley is allowed an estimated $4,000 for the grade and construction of the culverts on 1.28 miles of Church Creek Road.
Mrs. Leo Gorges, Mrs. Harlo Harris, Mrs. Harrison B. Toby, Mrs.Samuel Kittel and Mrs. Merle Smith met at the home of Mrs. Hugh Orcutt Tuesday afternoon when they made curtains for the Grange from the material which was purchased recently.

Mr.and Mrs. Donald Riffle are preparing to move into the Grace Kennedy home in this place.

Several of the young men in the vicinity with their musical instruments pleasantly disrupted the quiet of the editor's santorum with several feet-tingling pieces of rhythm which yours truly very much enjoyed.

Mrs. Frank Randall spent Sunday with Mr.and Mrs. Earle Randall of Osceola,Pa.

Faye Randall is ill with the Grippe.

Many Presho people attended the last of the Lenten Services held at the State Theater in Corning,N.Y.

The first meeting of the boys 4-H CLUB . The following were elected:
Advisor- Mr. Lewis Titus
President -Phillip Morse
Vice President-Ammon Titus
Secretary - Loren Morse
Treasurer-Donald Anglehart
News Reporter-Morris Bruce
and Cheer Leader-Daryl Welty

Report has reached our ears that there is a lacking of Presho items. -------
TRUE---I have noticed this myself. There is one way to get more news in, send it in or give it to Morris Bruce. He will see that we get it.We will put in all the news that is possible -not hesitating to add additional pages. We want to serve the public and as the paper is founded on local news,send it in. We thank the people of Presho for their fine cooperation. I remain your servant. EDITOR-BI -STATE EXPRESS. The above applies to Lindley,too,so there!

Ads by Russell's Garage -Lawrenceville,Pa
Traver-Miller-Dye Lawrenceville,Pa
George M. Stuart Lindley,N.Y.
A. Black Lindley,NY

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