Monday, March 24, 2014

#4 East Lindley School

The East Lindley and Station School composed District #4 until 1954.
The school was located near the East Lindley Church on Tannery Creek Road (County Rt.120) and served students from that neighborhood . From 1954 until 1957-- when the Lindley -Presho School opened, the students attended the Station School on River Road. 
*The are no photos of students from this school in the Historian's files- but children from the Davis, Terwilliger , King and other local families would have attended this school.
* 4-28-2014 Looking in older files, I found this photo . A little fuzzy but the names are visible. 
East Lindley students  1922

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Good Afternoon --
With winter on it’s way out, the Lindley –Presho Historical Society will resume meetings.
The Lindley-Presho Historical Society will meet on Sunday,  March 23rd from 2-4 P.M. at the Lindley Town Hall .
The program---- Memories of Growing Up in Presho--- will be presented by Marion( Adsit )Brion and Martha(Welty) Harder .
The meetings are free and the public is invited to attend and share their experiences and stories .
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From postcard files

Thursday, March 13, 2014

From the Weather Files.

March 15,1993

The Blizzard warnings of yesterday reminded us of the storm of March 13,1993 which was a Grand-daughter's 8th birthday. She and her "big" brother from Arizona had made a plane trip from Arizona to celebrate it with us. She had wished for snow--- so now on her birthdays -- we  remind her not to wish so hard for something.
The headlines on the 15th said "Digging Out- Snow leaves entire area buried ; crews may be plowing all week"  There was 2 1/2 feet of snow, so schools, businesses, etc were closed and probably no Weather Channel to keep us on alert
Just to let you know-Mother Nature is still full of surprises in April.
 On Friday-  April 23rd ,1993 (when the Leader cost 35 cents ) another 7 inches of snow fell and highway budgets were "busted"'

Sunday, March 9, 2014

More Station (River Road) School Students

Mrs. Earl Stermer-Teacher
Class of ?? )
(Will check to see if  I have this photo in the Lindley Town Hall School and Students Display and will add the names on blog if I do. -Kitty)
Class of  about 1946
 Known Names 
-Back: Alan Miller, Carol Carpenter, Margie Bronson, Sukie Personious, Joyce Perry
Center Row: Harry Pierce
Far Right Corner :Faylyn Griswold, Jackie Carpenter, Nancy Housnick, Peggy Dunning

Do you have a relative in this photo ??
Give me a call if you can help identify the other students.
The Lindley Schools and student photos are on display in the Lindley Town Hall  Lobby and can be viewed during The Town Clerk's regular hours ..(listed on Town of Lindley Blog) 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lindley Schools of Days Gone By #2

Undated Photo  Who are they?
1957 Reunion--(old clipping that was difficult to copy)
Pictured are:

Mrs.Irene Larrison, Mrs. Lee Bulkley, Harlow Harris -the oldest president ,
Mrs. Raymond Terwilliger, Mrs.George Stuart, Mrs.Kenneth Marshall

Summary of Article.

1957--- closing doors after 70 years service, but believed to have been in use longer than that
.Earliest records dated 1886 -known as Patterson School until 1912.
Called Station School until 1954.
District 4 had 2 schools- River Road and East Lindley.
Taking part in the program were: Mrs. Warren Stuart -Chairman
Rev. Duane Hauser, Halas Jackim, Ralph Spencer, Mrs. Pearl Davis, Mrs. Mary Alice Marshall, Mrs. Nancy King, and Leland Harris.
Recitations by students :

Gary Miller, Guy Hill, David Bebee, Robert Larrison, Charles Cratsley, Diane Lawrence, Shirley Van Dusen, Edith Causer, Mary Burdick, Caroline Burdick, William Magent,  Kenneth Crartsley,  Terry Friebis, Bruce Knapp, Alan Lowe, Leon Causer, Linda Hill, Sally Larriison, Paul Gorton, Donald Van Dusen, Susan Stuart, Barbara Gorton, Patricia Magent, Ronnie Davis, Dean Stuart, Terry Hill, Marcia Stuart, Glenn Hill, Timmie Larrison