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Changes in Lindley over the Years


Lindley,NY. Civil War Casualties

Tomb of Unknown Soldier -Washington, DC

During the Civil War -1861-1865, 125 men from Lindley served in the military. Someone asked me  where they found such a large number of men  for a small town like Lindley.

In  answering a recent query about a Civil War Veteran from Lindley who died during that war, I checked  names listed in Clayton's - History of Steuben County -1879.
In my search, I realized that many families sent more than one son or relative. Also, it became apparent that over  22 of these young men died in battle or in conditions associated with the war-(ie disease, being in prison or missing in action.)

What a sad time those 4 years must have been for the relatives at home with no e-mails, Skype or Smart phones.  Not even radio or TV to keep them informed.

Below is a list of names of the men from Lindley  listed as died or missing .

 **In italics is information was taken from John Mosher on Steuben Co., NY. Gen Web Site . He apparently h…


Composite photo of Col. Lindsley and the Lindsley Coat of Arms

Thanks to Tracy, her expertise and ingenuity , this  blog will resume with the new heading  and format. Thanks ,Tracy.

There is so much history connected with Lindley and the people connected to the history, that the blog will be expanded to include more stories about people.
Some stories will be funny, some will be sad, but they will help tell the story of the growth of a settlement started in the wilderness by a group of New Jersey settlers in  June ,1790  (almost 226 years ago)    How can the history of a place be told without relating stories about  the people who lived there?

 History can be fun, interesting  and  not all facts and figures. Thanks to the Internet and the dedication of folks who take the time to scan and share what they find  in old history books, newspapers, etc, it is  much easier to locate information that a researcher had to spend hours in a library or museum collecting. It is our intention to sha…