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Condolences to the families of Barbara (Grunder) Hakes( wife of Jim (deceased )-( formerly of Stowell Hill Rd) Leader3/21/2010
Lorena M. (Walch) Clark .Lorena was the daughter of Donald Walch of Lindley ---who died in a plane crash in Germany in WWII . Leader3/24/2010 More images of Lindley's best kept secret. 7 Acre Wetland's Pond and carry -in-boat launch located on north end of Lindley Road (prior to 1953 Old U.S. Rt.15) (Part of the I 99 highway construction project)

Easter Photo

Tracy has posted a photo of 3 little girls all dressed up in their Easter outfits.
(Scroll down until you see it) Could the littlest one be her???

Identification of photo

The picture shown below stood at the north corner of Morgan Creek and old Rt.15 where the Whitaker store stood until the 1972 flood damaged it to the extent that it had to be destroyed .Burr's Lindley history of 1951 shows this building in a May 1890 photo labeled "after the June-1889 flood" . In his description of the buildings in the photo ,Burr has it labeled as the Hill Store and Post Office. He states that the building was destroyed by fire.
Apparently,another structure was built on the same site. After a series of owners, Merton Manley bought it in 1926 and sold it to Doug Whitaker in 1945. After the Whitaker building was demolished, the site was occupied by 2 mobile homes. During the summer of 2009,this site became the western approach to the first 2 lane bridge to be constructed at this location.
The speaker at the Lindley/Presho Historical Society meeting tonight ,Durland Weale, stated that in the 1920's and 1930's, the area around Morgan Creek Road and ol…

Where was this building ?

I attempted to post this last evening. It is connected with the old an business in Lindley. Will reveal the location at the Historical Society program tomorrow evening.


Reminder L/P Historical Society Meeting

Durland Weale -one of Lindley's native sons will be presenting a program on the business section of Lindley in the 1920's and 1930's.

The meeting will be Thursday March 25th
@ the Lindley Town Hall @7 PM
Free and open to the public

Hope you attend and learn where the "Downtown Lindley "was located then.

West High Band in Philadelphia

The West High Band marched in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Philadelphia. The band marched ~2 miles in the rain and did a great job! The band is also looking forward to particpating in the 2011 New Year's Day Parade in London, England! They are presently fundraising (like crazy) and hope they will meet their goal. For our out of town readers keep reading the blog and I will give updates and information on their progress. Congratulations to the Big Green Machine!

Happy St.Patrick's Day

To the Lindley /Presho Elementary School Alumni viewing this from afar-

Alt.C. was defeated again 3/16/2010 so the doors of L/P school will remain open until something new develops.

With the melting snow and rain over the weekend,the Tioga River was racing toward the Chesapeake Bay,in full force on another springlike day. At the end of Lindley Road (old Rt.15 ) north of the new Lindley bridge -as part of the I99 construction, NYS has developed a wetlands and boat launch. The one view at the carry-in- boatlaunch is looking East across the river toward the Harris farm. Another is a photo of the wetlands on opposite side of the road looking West toward Morgan Creek Road. Finally, the photo shows the new bridge and gauge to measure depth of the water.
And I forgot to write down the number on the gauge!!! but the mighty Tioga was "up there" as we say during spring runoff.

Remember to Vote C/PP School Issue -Tuesday March 16th,2010

Tuesday 3/16/2010 is an important day in the history of the Lindley/Presho School which opened its doors to students for the first time 53 years ago in September,1957.
Our children, neighbor's children and children of relatives have passed through it's doors during these 53 years. The school's future hangs in balance as we vote tomorrow on the School Board's proposed Alt C. which would close the school- (The Alma Mater of how many Lindley children??)
Remember to exercise your Constitutional Right and vote "Yes " or "No" as to whether or not the doors of the Lindley/Presho School remain open.
It has served the community well during the 53 years of its existence.

More Photos From Dennis Abbey

Thanks again for sharing,Dennis

View of Lindley Church

The pictures taken by Dennis Abbey reminded me of this old postcard.

Shake Winter Doldrums

The snow is melting -the "daffy -dils" are poking their leaves above ground- Time to shake off the winter doldrums!!

Durland will have some interesting stores to tell.

Know our faraway viewers can't attend,but perhaps there will be some items we can share via the blog.
Think spring!!

Downtown Lindley

Durland Weale

Lindley Town Hall

March 25,2010
7 P.M.
Lindley/Presho Historical Society Program

Dennis Abbey Photos

Photos taken by Dennis Abbey who had more ambition than I to climb the mountain in back of Lindley Town Hall. Thank you ,Dennis,for allowing us to get an early peek at the view from I 99.

Happy 90th Birthday Wishes

Raymond Adler turns 90 April 10th!!
Ray was born in Lindley in 1920 (Morgan Creek Rd) to Fred and Myrtle Forrest Adler. When he was 2 years of age the Adler Family moved to Ryers Creek Rd/Johnson Rd. Raymond resides next door to the original Adler homestead. His wife June passed away in 1998.
Raymond is a shut in and would enjoy receiving cards and wishes on his special day! With Warm Wishes & Love,
Happy Birthday Raymond Thanks to two special ladies for bringing Raymond's birthday to our attention, Eileen Johnson Leech and Joanne Rumsey.


Condolences to the family of Franklin D.Ball -Coopers Plains (formerly of Lindley and Florida)
Leader March6,2010.

I-99 construction March 6 2010

These photos were taken this morning with a touch of spring in the air!!!!
To Joyce S. The 2 girls are Ann Kirk and Joanne Warner-verified by e-mail from Ann .
And today's photos are to show changes of area around Town Hall/Post Office ,former Austin Store, State Line Camping and Fairview Cemetery -your old neighborhood .
Expect the construction crew will be back on the job on Monday- as the Post Office used to say- something to the effect of "neither rain nor sleet or heat or gloom of night will " impede their work ..

Lindley Girl named NYS Teenager-

Note from Lindley Town Clerk -Megan Thistle

Thought this might be fun to celebrate or announce...
Desiree Miller, 15 y.o., the daughter of Crystal McGannon, recently won
the title of Miss Teenager of NYS. She is a Lindley Resident.
(Information from proud Mother-- Crystal McGannon. )
Condolences to the family of Gertruge Padgett-Wellsboro -(Mother of Esther Thomas of Lindley)and to family of Donald Eugene Folnsbee,Jr.of Portland ,Tn. (Father of Tracy ,Karrie Lynn, Patrick Allen , Samantha Jo Folnsbee and brother of Madalynn Folnsbee ,all of Lindley) Leader March 3,2010.

Gazeteer of Steuben County

These pages were taken from the Gazeteer of Steuben County NY 1891. The directories include people in the Lindley Presho area.

Rutty Passmore Newspaper

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Am hoping this copies so that is is readable -(click to enlarge then hit "back" to return to the blog message) ( I hope )

In 1939-40 ,a young Lindley man produced a newspaper. I found a few copies while doing an inventory of items donated by Wilma Welty's daughter, Suzanne. According to one of last one's, he published at least 60 issues. Many of these contained items on Lindley history. Unfortunately, there is not a complete set. If anyone knows where there are copies, I would appreciate being able to read them.
This is a deed dated 1832 and describes a transaction of 600 Acres for $400 between some Heckart family members. I will let you figure the price per acre!!!

As a descendant remarked-"No one today is going to find a bargain like that"

Some Thurber family researchers have questioned the presence of Abner Thurber in Lindley. I would say that unless he went by another name- this is the man in question.

Lindley Historian