Wednesday, January 23, 2013

                 The Lindley -Presho Historical Society will recess until warmer weather returns.
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

In Rememberance of One of Lindley's Veterans

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — Lawrence E. Austin, age 69, passed away peacefully from pneumonia Dec. 23 in Colorado Springs, CO. Formerly of Lindley, NY, he was predeceased by his parents, Adrian & Verna (Horton) Austin. He is survived by his loving wife of 46 years and primary caregiver, Christina Aguilar Austin, his sons Christopher of Oceanside, CA, Richard (Eliazer) of Redwood, CA, Grandsons Richie, Skylar, and Adrian Austin. He is also survived by sisters Joyce Shutts of Henrietta, NY and Virginia (Paul) Doud of Lawrenceville, PA, several nephews and nieces, mother-in-law Florence Aguilar, sisters-in-law Mary Ann (Ralph) Trujillo, Tammy Aguilar, Carla (Lemount) King, brother-in-law Steven Aguilar. He graduated from Corning Northside High School in 1961, and worked at Corning Hospital prior to enlisting in the US Navy in 1964. He served 24 years of active duty and 6 years in the Reserves earning the rank of Chief Petty Officer, Medical Corpsman. He received a Commen-dation for a minefield rescue while serving in Cuba, and was an expert at assembling and fitting prosthesis for returning Viet Nam soldiers. Upon retirement, he worked for Walmart for 14 years. During his ten-year plus illness, Christina, assisted by his special caregivers, provided him with excellent care. He and Christina were lovingly devoted to each other, their family, and extended families, and faced the health challenge courageously. His special ‘brothers’: Ralph & Lemount lent care and support. A life well lived was celebrated at a full military memorial service Jan. 5 at Dignity Memorial Gardens, Colorado Springs, CO officiated by Chaplain Chet Dean of American Legion Post 209. There will be a memorial service in Oceanside, CA in the future where he lived from 1979 to 2007, following which he will be taken out to sea as a Sailor should be. Memorial contributions may be made to Wheels for Disabled Veterans, American Legion Post 209 Attn: Chaplain Chet Dean, 3613 Jeannine Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80917.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lindley Tannery

                                                    Clineburg-Bronson-Adams Home   1856-66 -2013
Wales-Heintzelman- Pierce Home 1865-66- 1983
(The Pierce Family new owners -(1943)
From Millard Roberts  Part I   Historical Gazetteer of Steuben County 1891

       "  The Germania Tannery is located on Cook's Creek ( Tannery Creek (2013), near it's junction with the Tioga ,about 1 mile north of the Lindley post office.(former). It was built about 1865-66 by Gideon Wales.The present owner is Mrs. Emeline Heintelzman who has given power of attorney to Barnes and Merritt of Frankfort Street, New York; and all hides are furnished  by them and the leather is shipped to their establishment. The manager at the works is I. Clineburg , and the superintendent is Ernest E.Clineburg."
      From History of Lindley 1951 by William Hilton Burr
      "  Few people live who still remember the large tannery which once stood near the railway and the eastern highway where the road follows Cook's Creek down from Caton. A century ago ,there was a large tannery at this point. Many men were employed there and much business done there for many years. We remember long stacks of Hemlock bark piled fifteen feet high, standing side by side. Carloads of bark from distant forests and raw hides came from western shippers in carload lots. Sole leather went out. In the tannery, long rows of vats where hides were treated according to the tanners schedule were to be seen by visitors. Hides were first immersed until removal of the hair was easy. Then hides were placed on oval tables where workmen with long curved instruments resembling a draw shave removed the hair. From this point ,the hides were again treated in baths in which the juice of the Hemlock bark was used. After a time, hides found their way to the rolling mill where moving rollers pressed and released them. Then- they were treated with oil and hung in long rows in a drying loft. From there, they left for the shoe factories in New England and other places.
      We know but little about the tanning business,but we are certain from the well remembered smells of many kinds that it was not a place where they manufactured Attar of Roses or Lily of the Valley Perfumes. When the supply of Hemlock bark was no longer available, the tannery was dismantled late in the last century (1800's) and one of the principal business concerns of Lindley was forever gone"
       As an added note, many of my generation remember trips to Elkland,Penna while the Elkland Tannery was still in operation.  Mr.Burr's comment about the odor brought back memories of the unpleasant smell.  With the tannery no longer in existence, we no longer mind our visits to this neat, little neighboring community.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Lindley-Presho Fire Department Turns 50 Years Old

On January 7th ,1963, most of the male residents in the Town of Lindley met in the old Town Hall to discuss the formation of a Fire Department in the town. When I became Town Historian, I learned from Verna  Austin  that her husband, Adrian(owner of one of the grocery stores)  and another local resident Richard Stowell -  owner of a local Insurance Agency  were instrumental in organizing the meeting. Enough interest was shown that weekly meetings were held and by the middle of April that same year, officers were elected and a Charter obtained. 
Ladies of the town formed an Auxiliary, fund raisers were held and by October of 1963, local residents were putting a roof on the Fire Department's cinder block building on Tannery Creek Road. It is still home to the Department  today.

 All members are unpaid volunteers who respond to many emergencies. The latest being the fire that destroyed the Lindley Highway Department's Garage and the equipment stored there on Saturday January 5, 2013.( My attempt to copy a short newspaper article in today's Elmira's Star Gazette  about the fire  didn't work-but is on line to read. )
  Many times over the past 50 years,these volunteers have served their town in all kinds of weather, emergencies and conditions.   We probably don't say  Thank You  often enough but your services to  the community are appreciated.
Thank you ..