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0rphan Trains

A sad but true event in our history. Every once in awhile, programs air about this story on television.

Locally-The Davenport Home in Bath provided a home for female orphans or a home for a daughter when a parent or family could not provide adequately for her.


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Looking for Descendants of the Orphan Train Riders
· November 24, 2015 · History · 10 Comments
From the 1850s until the 1900s the Children’s Aid Society’s orphan trains brought children to families in the Midwest. During the early years, Indiana received the largest number of children.
If you are descended from one of the orphan train riders, at the program the South Bend Area Genealogical Society would like the opportunity to recognize you and honor your ancestor’s experience.
You can read more about the South Bend Area Genealogical Society’s meeting in the poster …

Thanksgiving 2015

 1911 Postcard

Local Blacksmiths

Guest Blacksmith at 225th Lindley Birthday Celebration
                              Leon Golder -Painted Post Historical Society
 John Fee and Harry Offerman  at Lindley Old Home Day September 2010

We have a mystery and need help

If you attended Lindley's 225th Birthday Party in September, you may have seen the owner with this cane. Apparently, it was made for the 1876 Centennial Celebration and contains local names which are listed below. It has been handed down in the Lindsley family but the history is not known.  Another Lindsley relative has been doing research and has compiled the list below.  I am hoping one of the blog followers may have more  information about the names on the cane and the story that goes with it. Any feed back will be appreciated . Please send any information or ideas to
1776-1876 Centennial Lindsley Cane Owned by Rick Stevens
Name on Cane Likely Candidate Full Name Ancestor ? Description Herrick Edward Herrick 1821-1878 Lawrenceville Cemetery Butts Augustus E Butts 1st Cousin, 3x Rem 1856-1901 Son of Catharine A Lindsley