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More about Bill Passmore

Image Biographical Sketch of Bertrande H. Snell
Parish, Oswego Co., NY Many thanks to Richard Palmer for contributing this wonderful and very interesting Biographical Sketch on Bertrande H. Snell. A fascinating history you won't want to miss. Richard Palmer at: Syracuse Post-Standard, March 23, 1947 Just Around the Corner - By Bertrande Snell ____ On a warm evening of the early summer of 1905, Wilfred(William?) Passmoreand I arrived in Buffalo from the west. We had been telegraphing in the southwest for the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad and were on our way home, each with about $300 in bills tucked away in one of our shoes, nestling comfortably between skin and sock. Unfortunately, we got into Buffalo rather late in the evening and decided to stay there overnight. We got a room in a small hotel off Ellicott Square, deposited our suitcases and started out to "look around" a little. Just 36…

Wilfred-vs William Passmore

Image Found on the Internet  ( Kitty) Stories by "Bertrande"from the Syracuse (N. Y.) Post Standard Syracuse Post-Standard, Aug. 29, 1948 Just Around the CornerBy Bertrand H. Snell “- And this the sorrowful story, “That’s told as the twilight falls; "While the monkeys are walking together. “Holding each others¹ tails!" --Kipling I wish I knew what has become of my old friend, Wilfred Henry Passmore. And, if any of you folks, out there, know where he is, show him the above quatrain and he’ll immediately recognize it as our ‘theme song’ during the years we were together. I first met ‘Passy’ in Ansonia, in 1905. He and I went to work for the old Fall Brook division of the New York Central on the same day in October of that year.. At that time he as about 23 years old, a trifle above six feet in height; a fine figure of a man with no excess flesh - slim-waisted and broad shouldered. A …

Tobacco Farming in Lindley,N.Y.

Tobacco Farming and Tobacco Barns in Lindley, New York  by Catherine M. Pierce       Fall 2007-Winter 2008       About CLRCurrent IssueIndexMuseumsAuthorsSite MapContact Us       Tobacco Farming and Tobacco Barns       in Lindley, New York       1864 to 1949       by       Catherine M. Pierce (Numbers at end of sentences refer to the bibliography.)         The Guidelines for the Local Historian published by the New York State         Department of Education states “The Local Government Historian is both         an advocate for historic preservation and a resource to his or her         appointing authority on questions relating to history and         preservation—to identify historic structures and districts.”10 As I read         this after being appointed Lindley Historian in 2000, I thought of all         the buildings –especially the barns and tobacco barns that were quickly         becoming extinct in our community. Therefore, in the Spring of 2001, I         star…