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Happy New Year 2011

From a 1900's Postcard

West High School Band in London,England Parade

Good Luck to the West High Band in their performance in the London- England New Year's Day Parade tomorrow -January 1,2011.

Like old the saying about the Postman- "neither snow nor rain nor heat or the gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their rounds"-

They will have weathered gigantic fund raising efforts , the 2010 New York City Blizzard , airport delays, airplane trips across the ocean , London mist , tours of London and tomorrow the parade . This is anincredible learning adventure that they will have experienced and will always remember.

Good work and enjoy your memories, Students. You have earned a big round of applause !!

And to the West High Music Department Faculty, WSH Staff, Community and anyone else involved in helping make the trip possible- Thank You.

Have a safe journey home to West High School and Painted Post, New York

Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas December 2010 and a Happy New Year for 2011

The Lindley Cornet Band 1884 to 1900

The Lindley Cornet Band
From A Brief History of Lindley and It's Pioneer Families By William Hilton Burr 1951 (Transcribed by Catherine M Pierce - Town of Lindley Historian -12-18-2010 )

"Few still live who remember the Lindley Cornet Band. This organization flourished between the years 1884 and 1900. It was composed of 24 members all of whom lived in Lindley and Erwin Center. (now known as Presho-)
It is difficult today to understand how such a large organization could have been found in the town. But it was. For years, the Band led the Memorial Day parade at Lindley in the forenoon, then at Lawrenceville in the afternoon. We played at Fourth of July celebrations, political parades and picnics in surrounding towns. We were never invited to play before the King and Queen of England, but we traveled about the country as far as Corning, Addison, Wellsboro and Elkland. Our last parade was at Lindley and Lawrenceville May 30th, 1889. Two days later the great June flood came down thr…

Dance Invitation -1894

From Wilma Welty( former Lindley Historian) files. I may have posted this previously, but it is fun to note the information and names. Does anyone know what is considered a "Select Dance " with music by a Cornet Band??
As I was writing this, I remembered reading about the Cornet Band in William Hilton Burr's -1951Brief History of Lindley and It's Pioneer Families. Hopefully tomorrow ,I can make a copy and print his recollections of the band. It gives us a different perspective of life in Lindley in the late 1880's-to the early 1900's.
Stay tuned!!

Remember to vote

Don't forget to vote tomorrowat" OLD" Lindley-Presho Elementary School from 7:30 AM to 9 PM .

Every vote counts.

Still no word on petition to NYS Education Commissioner concerning the closing of the Lindley-Presho School.

Amasa Gordon Story

Recently I had a query about Amasa Gordon who was living in Lindley in the 1860 census. The following article gives insight into the length that historians will go to -to give" the rest of the story" as Paul Harvey would say.
My thanks to Peg for sharing the story with us. It will go in the Lindley files under Civil War Veterans. If anyone has more information to add to the story, please contact me and I will forward to Peg. In the 1860 Lindley census,the Gorden family is living in the vicinity of what most of us know as the Don Herrick farm . On the little knoll behind the house is a lone gravestone which bears the name Betsy Welden wife of Harvey Welden -died Oct.23,1879 age 56 years-2 months. One wonders what happened to the Welden family and especially the girl living with the Gordon family. Sounds like more genealogical research is needed to complete Amasa's story . The above photos were taken at the Corning Civil War Monument Ceremony on Park Avenue.-Veteran's Da…

Co.Rt 115 Bridge opening ceremony 11/18/2010

Out with the old - in with the new.
The 1941 bridge over the Cowanesque River between the Town of Lindley ,N.Y. and Lawrenceville,Penna. has been replaced with a new,modern structure . The Lawrenceville Child Care Center are the first to officially cross the bridge .Will they remember this big event in their lives??

Bridge Opening

On Thursday November 18th,2010 ,the new bridge on Steuben County Rt.115 (formerly U.S. Rt.15) will be open to traffic in a ceremony at 1 P.M. The old bridge over the Cowanesque River has been replaced with a new modern structure . Gone is the picturesque bridge that endured the 2 lanes of traffic of Rt.15 all these years until Lawrenceville ,Penna. was by passed with the new 4 lanes of traffic on what will be I 99 in the future-(2015?????) . I doubt that it will be missed by the drivers of the big semi trucks who had to negotiate it -side by side.

Local political dignitaries will be present to give speeches and to cut the ribbon. Local residents who have detoured all summer will give a sigh of relief to see the bridge reopened.

Documentation of Several of the Earliest Local Inns.

History and Genealogy are like putting a puzzle together with several others. Little by little pieces of information are located that help complete the big picture.

According to stories told by my paternal Gt.Aunt ,the home where she lived with her first husband -Ed Shoemaker in East Corning had been an Inn on the Feeder Canal that went from Gibson to Horseheads. Unfortunately, my efforts to document this fact were fruitless until I met the author of following article. Nancy was tracing an inn owned by her ancestors which seemed to be in approximately the same location. Due to her research and diligence ,she was able to locate pieces of information that lead us to believe the inn was owned by both families .
Credit ,also, goes to a member-Sylvia Radford of the Big Flats Historical Society who uncovered more documentation recently. She remembered a query that I had made regarding the inn and located more information in the Big Flats Museum Archives.

It is interesting to note the number …

Larry Orr-Sign Painter of Lindley ,NY leaves his mark on Market St-Corning,NY

From Corning/ Painted Post Historical Society Newsletter "POSTINGS" Hawks Signs The Southside Neighborhood Association initiated a fund drive to restore the Hawks Crystal Glass signs on the upper fronts of the buildings that house Vitrix glass at 77 w. Markets St. and OTB At 85 W. Market St. ,Corning. After a lot of bureaucratic hurdles and delays ,the signs were repainted this summer by Larry Orr(Lindley resident-Kitty) as close to the original colors as possible based on old pictures of the buildings . Check it out if you haven't already done so. Hats off to Peetie and Tom Dimitroff and the Association for preserving this piece of Corning's glass legacy. " Great job, Larry .We are still waiting to hear your speech!!! When the leaves are gone, I plan to take a photo of the sign again. Kitty

October Meeting -Lindley-Presho Historical Society

The program " You Tube History -- Part I -The Founding " for the monthly meeting of the Lindley /Presho Historical Society will be presented by Sally Orr. The meeting will be October 28th -7 P.M. at the Lindley Town Hall on U.S. Rt.15
Sally spent many hours developing an audio/visual program -- a time line of events that created the History of the United States and Lindley . The October program is the first in the series that she originally made to be presented at The Lindley Old Home Day in September but was unable to show due to problems with the lighting. Sally was instrumental in the filming and editing of the video -The Settlement-( Col.Lindsley's arrival in Lindley in 1790) and has a talent for making history come alive. The meetings are free and open to the public .Everyone is invited to come and view Sally's latest creation.

Kitty Pierce

Co. Rt.115 Bridge construction.

These are photos taken this summer at site of bridge on former US Rt.15 at what was known as the Lawrenceville bridge. The Stermer barns are in the background. When the new section of Rt15 opened between NYS and Penna., Steuben County labelled this section of the old highway as Co.Rt115. Some of the steel work for the deck is now in place and rumor has it that the bridge will hopefully be done in November ,2010. Not too soon for those who travel this route from Lindley to Lawrenceville.

Condolences to the Gregory A. Knapp Family

Leader(Corning ,NY) September 29, 2010.

Rochester,NY (Edited) Gregory A. Knapp 52 of York Road West died Friday ,September 24, 2010 at Strong Memorial Hospital. He was plant manager for Friendship Dairy in Friendship. Survivors are his wife Colleen Fitzpatrick Knapp, four children -Patrick, Brenden , Connor and Chelsea . His mother Mary Helen (Stuart) Knapp of Florida ,brother Bruce and 3 sisters- Sandra, Marsha, and Pamela . Rector -Hicks Funeral Home of Geneseo, Services 10 AM Saturday at St.Mary's Church 4 Avon Road, Geneseo NY.

Greg was a Lindley native and the grandson of George and Helen Stuart( both deceased) .

The Stuart and Knapp families were long time residents and business owners in Lindley . Our thoughts are with them at this trying time.

Old Home Day

One of the attractions was the hayride from State Line Camping to the Presho Methodist Church. Thanks Brad- understand people really enjoyed the ride.

Old Home Day

Apologies to Irene Slater for forgetting to include her in displays for Old Home Day. Thank you, Irene . She brought a good supply of Lego blocks for the children's activities and the children who participated seemed to be having a great time. . Irene had conducted an after school Lego Club at the Lindley /Presho school until it was closed by the Corning Painted Post School District in June,2010. Hopefully, a new meeting place for her group will be found.

Review of Lindley-Presho Old Home Day

Intended to post something sooner,but think there is an old Pennsylvania Dutch saying that goes something like -"The Faster I go -the Behinder I get" That's a little bit how I feel -trying to keep ahead of Old Man Frost before he claims my garden and flowers.
Old Home Day was a great day-with wonderful weather, good attendance and financially profitable for the Church and the fund raiser for the second bench for the Town Hall lawn and hopefully a maintenance flower/tree, etc fund. It has been suggested that with the monument and benches that this could become a Memorial Park not only for the Veterans, but for remembering other local citizens. Old Rt.15 will be a thing of the past in a couple years and the river and hills in the distance present a wonderful scene. Lots of thanks to all those who came, to those who volunteered-to those who set up and dismantled the tents., to those who donated items to the raffle/mini auction (Some of these were extraordinary donations ), t…

Deepest Sympathy

- Extending Deepest Sympathy to the Colegrove and Harrington Families. - "Heaven is a place nearby, so there's no need to say goodbye." - - Robert W. Colegrove September 12, 2010 - - Leon M. "Yogi" Harrington September 11, 2010

Reminder Lindley -Presho Old Home Days 9/18/2010

Just a reminder to atttend Lindley /Presho Old Home Day on Saturday 9/18/2010

The Committee and State Line Camping have developed some interesting and novel ideas to make this a great day.

This is Lindley's 220 birthday year and 100 years since the 1910 Old Home Days. It's hard to believe all the changes that have occurred-( just look at the hill side on the West side of the river this summer -and the 2 lane bridge last October))))!!! What would the old timers think if they were here.

WETM TV says it will be a gorgeous day weather wise.

So Take time out from Saturday chores to enjoy the festivities , meet old friends and just have a good time.

See you there
An Old Home Day celebration will be held on the Presho Methodist Church Grounds on Saturday September 18th from 11 AM to 4 PM.
Nearby State Line Camping will be hosting an Open House at the same time. State Line will be having a raffle and other activities. Food will be sold from the church kitchen during the event. Other events for the day will include an operating blacksmith forge.,children's activities , displays of a local Indian artifacts collection , antique tools , and other historical items as well as a demonstration by the Lindley -Presho Fire Department .A raffle and mini auction will add to the festivities .
The event is free and open to the public. Hopefully, many memories of growing up and living in Lindley will be shared.that day.
Hope to see present and former residents at what promises to be a great day for all ages.


We extend our deepest sympathy to the West Family. --- --- There is no pain as great as the memory of joy in present grief - Aeschylus --- Thomas West 1962-2010 --- ---

Mark Your September Calendar

It's official ::::

Lindley/Presho Old Home Days September 18th ,2010 @ Presho Methodist Church 11AM-4 PM

State Line Camping will have an Open House at the same time.(Thanks,Dennis and Delores for postponing your vacation so two events can be held at the same time.)

Once the program in final stages -will post it here,but there will be demos, displays,music ,clowns (for the young and old) ,food,raffles ,mini auction ,lots more- with time to reminisce about the good ole days !!!!

Steamtown Creek Millstone

If only objects could tell their story . This is the tale of the millstone as I have heard it.
There is speculation about how the millstone shown in the photos was used.
A number of years ago, it was located on the Tioga River Flats in Lindley near Steamtown Creek. It had apparently been washed up by a flood. Members of the Judson Kennedy family rescued it and had it on their lawn until they moved to California. Arlie and Katherine(Kennedy - a sister to Judson)Loughridge then became owners. After their death,the stone was in the possession of another member of the Loughridge family.
In 2009, the millstone was placed in an auction.Fortunately, a former resident of Lindley recognized the stone and was able to purchase it. While not in it's original location,(as far as we know) the millstone found a home at a Steamtown Creek residence.
Members of the Loughridge family report that their Grandmother remembered seeing the stone used to grind corn on Steamtown Creek.
Where and how it was use…

Date error in Corning Leader

Please note the meeting of L/P Historical Society to plan for Old Home Days is tomorrow

Thursday August 19th,2010 7 P.M not today the 18th as stated in today's Leader

Please pass the word

Lindley-Presho Old Home Days Details

Please join members of the Lindley-Presho community as they plan the Old Home Days events to be held

September 18th,2010 11AM to 4PM on the Presho Methodist Church Grounds. .

We will be meeting this Thursday August 19th at 7 P.M. at the Lindley Town Hall.

Volunteers will be needed to make this a memorable day in the Town's history.

Hope to see you there.


Condolences to the Abramson, King, and Titlow Families. Our community has lost three great men. All will be deeply missed. Do not stand at my grave and forever weep. I am not there; I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn's rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush. I am the swift uplifting rush. Of quiet bird in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and forever cry. I am not there. I did not die. Dave Abramson July 10, 2010 Percy King August 8, 2010 Peter Titlow August 7, 2010

Lindley-Presho Old Home Days September 18th ,2010

Mark your calendars for a day of reminiscing, eating , demonstrations, exhibits and just plain visiting with neighbors.

The event will be hosted by the Lindley-Presho Historical Society with the help of the Presho Methodist Church @ Presho which is providing the space and their well known food.

A meeting is being held August 19th ,2010 7 P.M. @ the Lindley Town Hall to finalize the planning. If you would like to assist in any way, shape or manner, please join us that evening.

We are using the 1910 Old Home Days Postcard (pictured) as our theme.(100 years ago --WOW -how time flies !!!) Back then -they had 3 days of fun , but we are limiting the time to 11AM-4 PM. Hope to see all of you there .Watch here and the news media for more details as we complete them.

Honoring all Area Veterans

Hopefully, the process of learning how to use a new scanner has been successful.

This is a copy of a poster being distributed by various organizations involved in the event on August 14 th. Click to enlarge -then 'back' to return to the blog messages

Sounds like a wonderful way to salute those who have sacrificed to preserve our freedoms as we know them.

Hope to see many of you there.

Gazeteer pages 3 and 4


Local Veteran's Event August 14th ,2010

A Heads up to Local Veterans

A number of local organizations are joining together to host area Veterans on
August 14th ,2010 fro 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM at Denison Park in Corning.

It is open to all area veterans and their families. ( food,displays information,prizes. )

Watch for details in local news media---- until I figure out how to copy the poster. . Kitty

Town of Lindley pages from Gazeteer pages 1 and 2

Click on each page to enlarge for better viewing.

I 99 construction from hill above Green Shingles Inn

These are views from what used to be the Clarence/Pauline Brant and Toby cow pastures in the summer. The underpasses to drive cows under Rt.15 have been obliterated!!!! What a challenge(----) that used to be!!!! One stubborn bossy would decide to stop half way through and thereby hangs the tail.. The good old days!!!-especially after it rained,,, Note the top of the tractor trailer looking northeast toward Lindley and Morgan Creek Rd. The hillside in distance is what was the hill above the" narrows". I hold my breath as I watch the workers maneuver their equipment up and down the roads they make . More daring than I would ever think of being..Hope they have good brakes !!

1898 Bridge Sign

Thank you to the generous unknown donor for the flowers on the sign on the overlook on the Tioga River by the Co.Rt.73 Bridge in Lindley . In case you missed the posting of the previous article on the blog , Steuben County and Town of Lindley were recently presented with award plaques for the design of the bridge which opened last October. Lindley's plaque is on display in the Town Hall.
We have been given permission by the County to add an Interpretive sign board to the sign post. When finished the additional sign will explain the history behind the 1898 plaque and will include some of the history of former bridges which were located here-and hopefully other bits of the Tioga River history. .
There is public parking by the sign so that visitors can enjoy the view of the river -which is unusual in that it originates near Blossburg, Pennsylvania and flows North into New York State .From Corning,NY , it winds its way east to Waverly,NY via the Chemung River where it joins the Susqueh…

Lindley Old Home Days 1910

As has been mentioned , plans are being made for an Old Home Day in Lindley in September this year. One of the fun parts of the job of historian is finding and saving newspaper articles on Lindley. I came across the attached one recently and hope you can enlarge it enough to make it readable. Enjoy !! The postcard shown is a copy of the original 1910 Card with the date and logo changed for the 1991 Lindley Heritage Days Celebration .


Lindley Tioga River Float Feedback

If you click on the article ,it should enlarge enough to be readable.

Lindley Old Home Days

Lindley Old Home Days Coming in September
Watch Blog for more Details

Lindley-Presho Historical Society Meeting 6/24/2010

Memories of Lindley Share your stories and memories Leave with a smile on your face Thursday June 24,2010 7 P.M. Lindley Town Hall

Station School Students -Lindley,NY

Alta and Dale Drake donated this picture to the Historian files at Lindley's 220 th birthday party on 6/6/2010.
Can you help name the students ? Some guesses are Bob Larrison,Clifford Davis,Dick Pierce,Gilbert Russell ,maybe Nancy King.
Teacher??? Reply via the blog or call me at 607 523-8851 . It will would be nice to have names to add to the photo. Thanks for sharing,Alta and Dale. Unfortunately,according to article in today's Leader ,it doesn't sound promising for keeping the Lindley/Presho School open after this month. "Sigh "A local school is such an asset to a community.Kitty

Congratulations to Tiny Miss Colonial Days -A Lindley Resident

I haven't seen anything in the Leader about the girls who were selected as winners in their age group for the very competitive Colonial Days Queen contest.
Lindley was represented by at least 2 young ladies -Becca Roeie and her little sister Sarra Renay Cramer . They are the daughters of Christina (Christy) Cramer and grand-daughters of Don and Cheryl Cramer of River Road ,Lindley.
Pictured is Becca who received a medal for participating in her age group and 5 year old Sarra who was crowned Tiny Miss Colonial Days. Congratulations -girls --Good work. . There certainly was a large group of young ladies competing. It is no easy task for the girls to take part in the contest. If there were others from Lindley,please send me their names and photos so we can post them. Hopefully, the Leader will publish the names of the other winners-because I didn't get them. . Crowning the new 2010 Colonial Days Queen is the 2009 Colonial Days Queen-Audriana Marmuscak-daughter of Donna (Pierce) Ma…