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Merry Christmas 2014

From a "Penny" Post Card

                                                            Merry Christmas
                                                   a Prosperous, Happy New Year

                                                                Dick &  Kitty

Changes in Lindley

Built 1898
Trivia--A FEW CHANGES IN LINDLEY 1790-2004

Land – Farms-- Homes

1790Wilderness –Firstsettlers arrive- Build first log cabins, plant small fields of grain
Oxen are used to plow fields

1855Fields are larger –small dairy farms grow apples, grain --- Horses are replacing the oxen for preparing fields--Homes are changing from log to frame ( boards for homes are being sawed in the many sawmills)

1875178 farms - add tobacco to the crops – Larger frames houses built.

1972Less than 12 large dairy farms most of which are located on Rt.15 or on River Road
Many owners of small farms now work in factories, or the railroad
Since 1945 – many people use mobile homes for their houses

20041 large dairy farm remains.Other farmers raise hay, corn and beef cattle to sell .


179040 members of the Lindsley family and their slaves
1855704 people
187514812x’s as many people in 20 yearsWhy??? Tannery Industry started after Civil War (1865) and new families arrived

Follow-up of German Builders of the Williamson Road (1792)

The question has been asked--- What happened to the German families who participated in building the Williamson Road-in 1792? Although not directly connected to Lindley history , it is to Steuben County history. As Commentator - Paul Harvey-used to say "The rest of the story"    This information was discovered when someone in Markham  researched the family history . You never know what interesting stories you will find as you tract down ancestors.              A Little  History of The Town of Markham, Ontario, Canada  Copy and Paste the following URL to add to bookmark.

William Moll Berczy, Founder of Markham The modern history of the Town of Markham began in 1791 when John Graves Simcoe (British Revolutionary General) was appointed the first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada. During his term as Lieutenant Governor, Simcoe's actions impacted directly on Markham. His concern for improving the military security of the new territory led to the clearing of Yonge Street and…

Susquehanna Trail (From Ancestry .com)

PICTURESQUE COUNTRY. One of the most remarkable pieces of road construction ever attempted in this country and that, too, at a time when facilities for doing this kind of work were of the crudest character and most of it had to be done by hand, was the building of what was known as the "Williamson Road."
In the year 1778 a large body of land was granted by the state of Massachusetts to certain individuals on the Genesee river in western New York state. Among these grantees was Robert Morris of Philadelphia and he subsequently sold 1,200,000 acres of this land to Charles Williamson, who was in reality acting for Sir William Poultney of Bath, England.
At that time the limits o…

Update on Lindley Road History

Good Evening --

 Larry Gorges discovers another little known fact about Lindley roads. Would you believe NYS Rt.13 that goes through Ithaca, etc--- once ended in Lindley -at the junction of Morgan Creek Road and what is now the Lindley Road?

Check it out on Wikipedia and by googling reference #5   (at end of the article) -there is a 1930 Pennsylvania map showing the connection. History can be interesting and fun  !!!

And thanks again, Larry for sharing this tid- bit of history.. .   Section 2.1 describes route 13's early routing.

                                       Happy Thanksgiving   2014 

From a "Penny ' Postcard "1930's Vintage " The Pierce Family

History of Lindley Road and U.S. Rt. 15

History of U.S. Rt.15 and the Lindley Road
Lindley, New York
For many years, Lindley Road was a section of U.S. Rt. 15. The New York State section of U.S. 15 started at Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania and Lindley, New York State Line. The highway followed the present Steuben County Route 115 and the Kuhl Road to the Watson Creek Road. From there, it followed along the Tioga River until it reached the Narrows or “Rocks. Then the road went north to Painted Post and ended in Rochester, New York.
Due to the proximity of the Tioga River, there were frequent floods and closing of the road. In 1953/4, U.S. Rt.15 was moved west away from the Tioga River to the present location (6/23/2013). (Relocation started at the north end of U.S. Rt.15 near the Stowell Hill Road and continued south to Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania.) The abandoned section along the Tioga River from the Morgan Creek (which was relocated in 1953, also) to the Watson Creek Road was renamed Lindley Road. The road south of Watson Creek…

Lindley-Presho Historical Society Meeting

Lindley -PreshoHistorical Society Meeting The Lindley-Presho Historical Society will meet on Sunday- November 16th –at the Lindley Town Hall( next to the Lindley Post Office).from 2-4 P.M.  I will,also, be putting out some items from the Town Historian files. The program will be Sharing the History of Lindley- which was settled in 1790.  Stories,photos ,memorabilia  will be shared.  Anyone attending is encouraged to bring photos, other  items of interest pertaining to the town’s history.  The meetings are free-open to the public..   We have no dues-no officers -just a sharing of the history of the town . Photo courtesy of Dennis Abbey          Green Shingle Inn  -Lindley Hamlet during I99 construction

1939 NYC RR Schedule

100 years after first RR passed through Lindley

(Note inside of Page 2 for Lindley and Presho .)

11/7/2014    (175  years later -- 1839-2014)
and the trains continue to run from Corning /Painted Post to Wellsboro,Penna.
under the name-Tioga Central RR.  
But note -there are no longer any depots or stops in Presho or Lindley. 


From a 1911 Postcard

1892 Fallbrook RR Schedule

My website where I've collected what I can is at
Dan Beach

I forgot  to mention this schedule was copied from Dan Beach's web site on the Fallbrook when I posted this -this morning.  Enjoy all his collection on his site.

There is no way I can begin to collect all this information for the town files.

Restoration of Thurber Barn in Caton,N.Y.

Janice Glover and Paul Thomas-descendants of the Thurber family ofCaton will give a presentation on the Restoration of the Thurber Barn onThurber Road-Caton,N.Y. for The Lindley-Presho Historical Society .
The meeting will be October 23rd at 7 P.M. at the Lindley Town Hall-  (next to the Lindley Post Office. )
The meetings are free and open to the public. Abner Thurber-- Revolutionary War Veteran ---was an early settler in Lindley. Without a doubt some of his descendants migrated to Caton.  We will learn more at the program on October 23rd.
Lindley's Thurber House is one of the town's oldest homes. According to  the Lindley History written in 1990 ,the home  was built in the 1820'-30's.
A member of the family is buried in the Cook Cemetery.

Photos of Youth Groups

Lindley Little League Teams

Mersereau Sawmill-Portville,ny

John Mersereau -  moved from Lindley to Portsville ,NY where he established this saw mill. John was the son of Joshua Mersereau( -a Revolutionary War soldier and who served as a spy under Gen.George Washington. )

     The Mersereau/Harrower families were early settlers in Lindley with large property holdings and several sawmills.
      John became associated with the Fox -Weston Lumber Company and became an officer in the company.
   Joshua had relocated from Guilford,NY to Lindley-Presho to be near his children in his later years. He is buried in the Presho,N.Y. cemetery.

Lindley News ---Corning Leader 9-20-2014

I think print will enlarge using zoom on your computer screen.

1932 Lindley Map

Hopefully this will enlarge when you click on it.     If it doesn't - I was able to enlarge by changing the zoom level on my laptop screen.
(On file in County Clerk's Office)

Floating Bridge.

I forgot to mention an interesting structure on the 1873 map- a floatingbridge across the Tioga River from Stowell Hill (West side) to Tannery Creek-(East side).  The tanneries were on East side and the Harrowers had a large sawmill on West side.
     Glenn Bronson and the Stowell family indicate that the house at end of Stowell Road was once a store located across the highway; then moved to present location. The millrace of the sawmill is still visible from the highway ( Rt.15 to become Co. Rt.115).    
        ( I can only speculate as to the purpose of the floating bridge and someday- I would like to look for traces of it.   (sigh!!)
         There is very little information about the Lindley Tanneries in  the Historian's file. I always appreciate any input-photos, etc. from readers about this type of subject.
Tioga River

1873 Lindley Map

Note the changes in 16 years.
Several families had arrived following the Civil War.  The lumber industry was a big business for another 10 years and 2 tanneries had started business here.

1857 Map of Lindley,N.Y.

Courtesy of Steuben County Historian  -Eleanor Silliman
                                         67 years after 1st settlement.
    The number of  Sawmills            The  number of Harrower, Mersereau, Mulford Families               ( Harrowers married into Mersereau Family)                 (Mulfords descended from Lindsley Family)    Where most of the population  resided..  Erwin Centre  became Presho   The  1839  RR -still in existence -but transporting a different product.  The Post Office Where was the Tioga  River  Crossed ? 
 (In old deeds there is mention of a Ford in the River-- about where the Wetlands are now located)

Enjoy and compare to today's maps