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1929 Grocery List

June 13,1929  Thursday

Crisco               .25
Fab                   .10
1 lb Butter        .48
Acc                 1.08
1 Pk Potatoes   .53
6 pkg Matches .19
5 lb  flour         .21
2 Ketchup        .25
6 Lemons         .19
Soda                 .08
Corn Starch     .10
Mustard           .13
Bk. Powder      .35
Rinso               .19
Clothes Pins     .07 
 Pepper             .15
Kirkman Soap  .20
Baker's Choc.   .23
Fairy Soap        .21
                      $  4.99

  Interesting to look at these prices        Even at the $ store  Ketchup is now  $1.00  🔺

Indian Summer November

From Farmer's Almanac  2018

A period of warm weather following a cold spell or a hard frost Indian summer can occur between St.Martin's Day (November 11) and November 20. Although there are differeing dates for its occurrance,for more than 225 years the Almanac has adhered to the saying"If All Saints' (November 1 ) brings out winter, St.Martin's brings out Indian summer." The term may have come frrom an early Native  Americans, some of whom believed that the condition was caused by a warm wind sent from the court of their south-western god-Cautantowwit.

   November14th       Ice on rain barrel this morning  .   Holding my breath -waiting for a warm spell.   Kitty

More Newspaper Clippings

YOUNG -TAHEY - Tuesday July 22,1890  Wellsboro Agitator  Wellsboro,Pa.

Last  Thursday at noon there was a wedding at St. Peter's Church , Miss Mary Trahey being united to Mr. George H.Young of Elmira,N. Y. . Miss Maggie Trahey, sister of the bride , acted as bridesmaid and Mr. John Young ,the groom's twin brother ,was the best man. There was a reception at the home of Mr. Patrick Sullivan, on Meade street, after the ceremony and a sumptuous wedding breakfast was served. The bride was the recipient of many handsome and useful presents. Mr.and Mrs. Young left on the afternoon train for Elmira where a home already furnished awaited  them . Mr. Young formerly resides at Antrim , but his ability as a practical machinist and electrician secured him a position a year ago in the light section at Elmira. Miss Trahey was a successful teacher in the Antrim schools for several years.The guests from out of town in attendance at the wedding were Miss Kate and Nora Trahey and Mary Burke of T…

Looking at old newspaper articles

Times Past

The Tobacco Crop
The crop of tobacco in the Cowanesque Valley this year is above the average both in quantity and quality of leaf according to the Westfield  Free Press which says the price for it would be highly gratifying . The acreage has dwindled year by year owing to the chances taken in getting a good crop and the rather low price that has prevailed for tobacco in the bundle . The work of harvesting is nearly complete.
The Gazette    Wellsboro ,Penna   October 31,1905 

Revolutionary War Soldier and early Lindley Settler Honored Sept 8th ,2018

Many thanks to all the about 60 Lindsley family descendants, friends, families,neighbors  and participants who visited the Lindsley Burying  Ground-  Lindley ,NY on September 8th, 2018 to pay tribute to Samuel Lindsley  Revolutionary War Patriot and a member of the Lindsley family that settled in  Lindley in 1790. A special thanks to the NSDAR ladies from the Kanestio Valley Chapter , The Baron Steuben Chapter and NSSAR groups who conducted an impressive ceremony honoring Samuel. The DAR Chapters led the ceremony with the Welcome, Invocation and Singing of the National Anthem, and Dedication of the DAR plaque. Also, included in the program was the history of Samuel and the results of  research  presented by his descendant, history of Revolutionary War flags by the SAR, proclamations from NYS and the Pomeroy Foundation (roadside marker donation), a history of the Burying Ground  and the posting and retiring of the colors by the SAR Chapters. The Benediction was given by a descendant f…

Honoring Colonel Lindsley's son Samuel Lindsley

Please join the Lindsley Family Descendants and their families as they honor their ancestor. Samuel Lindsley -the youngest son of Colonel Eleazer Lindsley who served in the Revolutionary War along with his father and 2 brothers-in law. .  Colonel Lindsley, his two sons -in-law -Mulford and Seelye have been honored  previously for their contributions in 1914, 2003 with plaques in the Lindsley Burying Ground and in 2016 with the Cemetery Roadside Marker from the Pomeroy Foundation . However, it wasn't until about 3 years ago that the 4th Gt.Grandson of Samuel, Phillip Cirulli undertook the task of researching the record of this ancestor that proved Samuel had served.

 With help from former County Historian Eleanor Silliman and a member of the Kanestio DAR Chapter, the National DAR approved a plaque honoring Samuel.  On September 8th, 2018,  at 1 P.M. this plaque will finally be added to those of his Father and two brothers-in-law in the Lindley Burying Ground on County Rt 115 (old U.…

County Names # 3


Lindley's Joshua Mersereau

One of the most crucial battles of the Revolutionary War was at Washington Crossing  between Pennsylvania and New Jersey . Joshua Mersereau who is buried in our  Presho Cemetery participated in this event with his father and brother-John. Joshua is a member of the Steuben County Hall of Fame in honor of his contribution as a spy during the war.
This page describes one of his contributions  as a teenager.

County Names #2

Chautauqua- a contraction ofa Seneca Indian word meaning "wherefish was taken out"
Chemung - derived from the name of the Delaware Indian village signifying "big horn" (Chemung Co. Historical Society Museum has a display about this horn)
Chenango -  from the Onondaga Indian word meaning "large bull thistle"
Clinton-  in honor of George Clinton -first governor of the state. 
Columbia -the Latin feminine form of Columbus, the name was popular at the time as a proposed name for the United States of America.
Cortland-in honor of Pierre Van Cortlandt who was the first lieutenant governor of the state (in 1777- he was the president of the convention at Kingston, NY  that framed the state's first constitution ).
Delaware -in honor of Lord Delaware who was appointed governor of Virginia in 1609 ,and in recognition of his services to early colonists.
Dutchess- in honor of the Dutchess of York, wife of James II
Erie-derived from the tribe of Indians living in Western …

Another old Postcard Erwinna


Looking at Old Postcard Albums