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Condolences to a faithful blog reader and contributor -

Joyce Austin Shutt and her family on the death of her husband Robert Shutt

Kitty and Dick Pierce

Recognize These Young Ladies?

Just for fun......does anyone know these girls?

Here is one hint - the picture was taken at the Lindley Presho School.

Left to right - beginning in back row: Kathy Warner, Kim Webster, Melody Wheeler, Bonnie Pierce and Tanya Rumsey

Home Town Heroes

We would like to feature inviduals from the Lindley Presho area that are serving in the military.

Please contact Kitty or myself by clicking on our names to the left on the blog page & then follow the link to email us. If you do not have access to email, Kitty can be reached through the Lindley Town Hall. If you don't mind leaving your email or telephone in the comment area - we will contact you.

Pictures are appreciated too!

Background on the featured photograph.

Thought I would pass along a little background information on our featured photograph at the bottom of the blog. The Lindley road crew really was the Lindley road crew!

The people in the picture are from right to left:
Cecil Huggins, Sheldon Ward, and Frank Randall.
Cecil Huggins(1891-1959)is Sheldon's grandfather and Frank Randall(1874-1945)is Sheldon's great grandfather.

The "town truck" was purchased from Bonady's Market in Corning.

Thanks to Lawanna & Gerald Peaslee and Sheldon & Sheila Ward for sharing.

Blogs New Look

We have some new additions to the blog.

- Take a poll.

- Check out the LPHS new fish. Make sure you feed them too!

- New featured photo at the bottom of the blog.

I-99 Construction Photo Labels

"Computer" forgot to let me finished labeling!!!

#1---Looking south from Watson Creek Road

#2--- Hill in back of Lindley Town Hall

#3--- Looking south toward Toby's curve

#4--- Hillside about the "rocks" (-trees were mulched this past week )

#5--- Behind the Lindley Town Hall

As you can see many changes occur daily. For those of you viewing from" afar"- I hope these photos will help keep you up-to -date in a small way. And they will document the changes in our town's "landscape" for future generations. .


I-99 construction January 2010


Enlarged photo of Lindley Circa 1889

It is possible to enlarge the Lindley 1889 photo by clicking on it. Notice the landscape in background. This is in back of present Lindley Town Hall- Morgan Creek Road - former State Line Camping and the Fairview Cemetery area. If you drive by that area today-you will see some dramatic changes. Over the weekend, I hope to document the changes for history with some photos. Stay tuned!!!!

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Dick Riffle -# IX

Just across the railroad on the left was the house of Doc'Mac ,a veterinarian. He also pulled teeth when needed. My Dad had two teeth extracted by Doc'. No novacaine!! Turning South on River Road,the first home belonged to Amos Orr.In the next house lived a widow, Maude Soule and her four sons,Homer, Ken ,Basil and Giles and a daughter Marlene. She had another son, Clifford who was in the Navy. Basil and Giles were my age. we formed a quartet of stringed instruments. Basil played the Mandolin,Giles the Guitar, I the Banjo and their Uncle Charlie the Fiddle. we were not very good, but we had hours of funsummer evenings giving the valley a concert. Mrs. Soules brother,Claude Baker was an expert Banjo player and in much demand to play at Square Dances.
* Editor Note-- The attached photo is from an old album - Note the old bridge on the right

Dick Riffle Part VIII

More from Dick Riffle's People of Lindley as I knew Them (1922-1940)
Across the field from our house was the Harry and June Toby farm. Harry was noted for his registered Ayshire cattle. He would enter some of his prize bulls in the New York State Fair competition. He was, also, the other Rural Mail Carrier who worked out of the Post Office. He loved baseball and his sons were good players. Lawrence ,the oldest, and I were both pitchers on the Lindley team. He also played shortstop and I played outfield when not pitching. The "Toby Twins" ,Evelyn and Eleanor were great softball players. They played on the Corning "Athen's Maids "softball team and one year played in competition in Madison Square Garden. They both worked for 25 years for the FBI. I remember a picture of them being presented their 25 year plaque award by J.Edgar Hoover-the head of the FBI. Toby's oldest daughter was Margaret,the two younger boys Wilford and Francis. Lawrence married Elaine K…