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Reminder ---you can learn what's going on in Lindley Town affairs by reading the Town Clerk's blog linked to this site under Favorites Links on this site- Town of Lindley(lower right corner) Megan posts Town Board Minutes ,announcements and new-a Calendar of meetings at Town Hall. Check it out -learn about what's happening at the Town Board,Planning Board Meetings,etc..

Photo is Toby's Flats-- flooding days before the Penna .dams were built in 1975.

Last time Rutty told the story of a trucker crossing the Lindley bridge(see previous posts)
When the water started to raise again Sunday,it rose rapidly and at midnight reached it's crest of 19.75 feet above flood stage.Those figures are from the U.S. Recording Gauge at Lindley. Thereafter it fell until seven o' truck was able to navigate and that word is used advisably with a slight amount of literalcy(?),the Morgan Creek Road from the main highway to the higher ground west.However, the main road south was not clear of water until nine o'clock and then not clean due to debris on the road but was passable with care. The main road north was open at nine and dry about ten thirty. after the waters receded considerable damage was witnessed.The Morgan Creek Road was washed out eight hundred feet and shoulder destroyed along the Susquehanna Trail (I assume he meant the old Rt.15 along the Tioga River)
several outhouses were moved from their foundations and the flats gouged and generally devaluated with sod,and layers of mud and gravel .water entered the Hill's garage,which is ,also, the home of Mr. and Mrs Stephen Hill and family to the depth of 14 inches.
Next time - Riffle brothers to the rescue!!


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