More Dick Riffle Memoirs

More Dick Riffle stories about families that lived on the south end of Lindley River Road now Co.Rt.116.
In April,2011,I copied the story of his Aunt Grace's birthday party at her house.
Up the road ,a short way was the Hugh Hakes place.I will always remember their place because one day I was delivering the GRIT newspaper(often called the "Pennsylvania Liar" because of
the exaggerated stories). Their big German Shepard attacked me and tore some holes in my chest. I screamed and they came running out and called the dog off. My Dad took me to Doc'Long in Lawrenceville and he took a popsicle stick with some green salve on it and put it on my wounds. The pain was worse than the dog bite.
Beyond the Hakes place lived the Dunning brothers. I don't remember much about them except their chickens were always in the road and getting run over.
Charlie Hammond's house was next. They had a large family.The ones I knew best were Esther,Marion,Kathryn,and Joyce. Kathryn became my sister-in-law when I married Clara Ruhlman who was sister to John Ruhlman who was Kathryn's husband. She is a widow living in Noosak, Washington near the Canadian border. Esther married Francis Carpenter and lived in the next house near Steamtown Creek.We always referred to it as "Sly Creek" because of the Sly families who lived up stream on the creek.
Chancey and Fannie (Riffle)were next. Uncle "Chan" was a great story teller. I especially enjoyed his baseball stories.He was an Umpire at one time. He like to recite the poem "Casey At the Bat" with a lot of emphasis.
Next time we meet the Lungren family)


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