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1857 Map of Lindley,N.Y.

Courtesy of Steuben County Historian  -Eleanor Silliman
                                         67 years after 1st settlement.
    The number of  Sawmills            The  number of Harrower, Mersereau, Mulford Families               ( Harrowers married into Mersereau Family)                 (Mulfords descended from Lindsley Family)    Where most of the population  resided..  Erwin Centre  became Presho   The  1839  RR -still in existence -but transporting a different product.  The Post Office Where was the Tioga  River  Crossed ? 
 (In old deeds there is mention of a Ford in the River-- about where the Wetlands are now located)

Enjoy and compare to today's maps  

From Steuben County Historian Files

Presho Store and RR Depot

Eleanor Silliman newly appointed County Historian has generously scanned and forwarded this photo showing the location of the two buildings in relation to each other. Thanks, Eleanor -
This is new to the Lindley files. These buildings were located near the Presho Bridge -lost in the 1946 flood.

Who was Dr. Ezekiel Mulford

Excerpt from Town of Lindley--Roberts Historical Gazetteer of Steuben County -1891  ( There is more information about dates of birth,etc in the history-   I believe a copy of the history is available on the Internet.    Kitty) 
        (*  My additions--Kitty)

     " Dr. EzekielMulford , the physician of the colony (*Lindsley Colony), was the direct descendant of John Mulford, of Maidstone, Sussex, England who was one of the first thirty-five settlers in the state of New York, he settling on Long Island in 1639.  Dr. Mulford married Anna, daughter of Colonel Eleazer Lindsley.( *Founder of Lindley ,NY) Their children were Lindsley; Jeremiah;  Eleazer; Nancy-married first Cornelius Williams, and second John Gray; Eliza-the first white child born in Steuben County-married Delusena Bachus; Savalon and Mahlon(twins); Castilla; Almira married David Halsey Meriel; James-killed by a horse; Phoebe married Joshua Russell; Minerva H. married Orlando Gregory of Caton.

         Dr. Mulford die…