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1915 Lindley Farm For Sale

From --NYS Annual Report of Department of Agriculture  1916 - 23rd year ending September 30,1915  Part II Vol.2 Town of Lindley Population 1,153 No 1136-Farm of 307 Acres; located 1/2 mile from Lindley P.O. R.D. No.2, and railway station on line of  N.Y.C. R.R.; 1/2 mile from school and churches ;1/2 mile from cheese factory ; 2 miles from milk station and condensing plant . Nearest city, Corning ,population 13,730,12 miles distant, reached by rail or good highway. General surface of farm ,70 acres of good river flats ,remainder rolling. Altitude 1,029 feet. nature of soil, sandy loam .Acres in meadow, 45; in pasture,  200; in timber, 60; oak and pine, estimated at 200,000 feet. Acres tillable 150. Fruit,10 apple trees. Best adapted to tobacco, alfalfa, hay, corn, oats, potatoes and wheat.  Fences ,wire and board, in good condition. House 12 rooms, fair condition. Outbuildings:  2 basement barns, 36x38; 2 tobacco sheds, 28x64; 1 horse barn, 32x32; 1 cow barn, 28x80; 1 corn crib, 2…

Some Military Trivia for Veteran's Day

There are several Military  Veteran's uniforms in the Town of Lindley Historian's Collection.I don't recall what prompted the research (one of the uniforms may have the patch with it).  Anyway -looking for something for Veteran's Day in the files, I located this documentation.  It has been updated since I first found it on Google .  I imagine a Google search will show more information.  I enjoyed rereading it -especially the Hollywood connection!!!!!! Enjoy  Kitty

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Happy Birthday -Mike

Loren ( Mike) Morse 90 years young on November 9th, 2013 Let's all wish Mike -Lindley resident -World War II Veteran A Very Happy Birthday We hope you have a wonderful day with all your family .