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I 99 and Lindley,NY Scenery

Hope everyone one enjoyed a safe and memorable Memorial Holiday. Dennis Abbey has been out recording the Rt.15/I 99 construction. Enjoy his great photos of Lindley's beautiful hills and fields. Some of the best scenery in the USA. !!!! The photos were taken across from the "landmark "" The Green Shingles Inn" looking north from Watson Creek Road across the former fields of Brant and Toby to the hamlet of Lindley. The former State Line Camping Building is the red building in # 3 photo. I hold my breath everytime that I see on of the construction vehicles manuvering down that hillside. One day, I assume as an extra precaution, a bull dozer(?)or some other large piece of equipment was backing down in front of a truck. Not exactly a job for the squeamish!!
Thank you ,Dennis for sharing. Kitty Try enlarging the photos for the "big" picture.

A Birthday Party for Lindley 220 Years Old

On June 6th from 2 to 4 PM at the Lindley Town Hall on Rt.U.S. 15-we will have a birthday cake,other refreshments ,antique cars and displays to celebrate the arrival of the Lindsley colonists on June 7 th,1790. A video of a re-enactment of their arrival which was filmed in 1991 by local residents complete with costumes,horses, etc will be shown.
"Lindley" was the first settled community in Steuben County,NYS. It was incorporated as a "6 mile square township" in 1837.
Join us for a couple hours of remembering the good old days in Lindley.
See you there 6/6/2010

Lindley/Presho Historical Society Meeting 5/27/2010

The L/P Historical Society will meet Thursday May 27th 7 P.M. At the Lindley Town Hall.
An item relating to the glass making industry will be exhibited by Elmer Huels. (Just one item-not his collection as was published in the news)
Final plans for June 6th -celebration of Lindley's 220th birthday will be discussed.
Ideas are welcomed for that event . Anyone with ideas or wishing to participate is invited to attend.
Watch for more details. *Note south end of I99 in distance in the photo.

Happenings in Lindley May 15th and 16th

May 15th -- Tioga River float from Lindley to Mulholland Boat launch
What would early settlers who sent lumber arks down the river in the spring to the Cheseapeake Bay in the 1800's -have thought .?
39/40 kayaks and canoes safely participated. May 16th -The Tioga County ,Pennsylvania Honor Guard helped Lindley honor members of the military-(past and present) for Armed Forces Day for the third year. Thanks to all who came and who participated. Several Veterans enjoy the view from the new bench honoring Veterans .

To Honor Military Personel

On Sunday May 16th from 2-4 PM ,the Tioga County ,Pennsylvania Honor Guard and local residents will join together to honor -Veterans and present members of our Armed Forces with an Armed Forces Day ceremony at the Lindley Town Hall on U.S. Rt.15. There will be a flag raising ceremony ,wreath presentation and Taps by the Honor Guard. There will be a brief program followed by refreshments.

Of interest this year will be the new bench placed on the front lawn. The bench was donated by a contribution from the Town and from money remaining from the Veteran's Monument fund.

Special thanks to Paul Mortzheim ,Councilman who obtained funds from Home Depot for items used for the foundation to set the bench and to Dick Pierce for setting the blocks and placing the bench. With the Home Depot donation , there was enough money to buy materials to place a second bench on the lawn. Hopefully, donations toward a second bench will make this a reality.

The public is invited to attend the activities o…

Steuben County ,NY Hall of Fame Induction 5/1/2010

- Uri Mulford- a descendant of our earliest settlers(see February posting) was inducted into the Steuben County Hall of Fame at a ceremony on May 1st, 2010 in Bath. It is an honor to have a member who has connections to the Town of Lindley inducted into the Hall of Fame which is sponsored by the Steuben County Legislature to honor individuals who have earned distinction for their achievements or service to Steuben County or the world- at- large.
Some of Uri's Gt. and Gt.Gt. Grandchildren were able to attend the ceremony -coming from as far away as Michigan and Buffalo,N.Y. Other Mulford family members as well as a group of Lindley residents were ,also, in attendance. The attached photos were taken by Lindley's own-Dennis Abbey.Thanks ,Dennis.
The award was given to Bob Deneen-(pictured ) -Uri's Gt.Grandson from Buffalo. Bob has donated many Mulford family papers to the Town of Lindley Historian's files. This is a wonderful gift and greatly appreciated.
Thank yo…

OOPSs too late

A couple weeks ago -Larry Gorges (former Lindley resident ) sent photos of an Osprey nest on an electric pole on Lindley road just south of the new Lindley bridge. He was surprised that NYSEG hadn't removed it -or that they hadn't been electrocuted . Letter to the Editor in Leader today 5/3 states that NYSEG removed it 3 days after he took the photo. So now our Osprey family will be without a home this summer -or maybe they will find a nice tree or pole in our wildlife santuary( ???? )at the Wetland's pond at the North end of Lindley Road by the boat launch.
Beaver have moved into the pond and maybe the birds will outwit man and find a new nesting place. The letter said NYSEG was(is) supposed to supposed to erect a perching pole for the family . Let's hope....