Friday, March 27, 2009

April L/P Historical Society Meeting

The Lindley -Presho Historical Society April meeting will be on the 23rd. The program on
" Glass " will be given by Glass Engraver - Elmer Huels of Lindley . Elmer has some interesting stories and facts to relate about the glass business. Make a note on your calendars to attend this interesting program.
The March meeting was well attended last evening-(March 26 th,2009). Durland Weale took the audience on a tour of the Lindley area in the 1930's from Morgan Creek and Rt.15 intersection down Morgan Creek Road to the area north and south of the Lindley bridge . He kept the audience entertained for an hour with stories about the people, places and events of the days in his youth. His memory of this time period was amazing and the hour passed too quickly. Durland has been invited to come back and tell more about Lindley in the 1930's.
The next series of posts will be memories of a 91 year old gentleman who also, grew up in this area. These stories and Durland's are especially interesting to read and hear with all the activity taking place in the area of the" 2 lane" bridge now being constructed..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Meeting of L-P Historical Society

The Lindley-Presho Historical Society will meet at 7 P.M. Thursday March 26th at the Lindley Town Hall on Rt.15 . Lindley native Durand Weale of Addison will share his memories of Growing up in Lindley in the 1930's. The public is invited to attend and maybe add to the stories of this time period.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

1910 Postcard

The postmark on the "Penny Postcard" (Postage was a 1 cent stamp) of Orr's Landing is August 1910. In the newspaper clipping mentioned before on the blog, Amos Orr sold his store corner of Morgan Creek Road and U.S. Rt.15-(what was Rt 15 then ) to Wagner and Dillon in January 1912. (This store would have been on the West side of"old Rt.15" where construction is now being started for new 2 lane bridge.)

Does anyone have information on S.E. Hartman who took photos for Lindley postcards about 1910? One shows the Orr Store and "old" Town Hall -Morgan Creek Road and"old Rt.15 ". Another is an iron bridge on what we think is Tannery(Cook's) Creek. Postmarks are 1910.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Lindley Bridge Site

New2 lane bridge will be constructed across the lot once occupied by stores owned in early years by Hill. Orr, Manley ,etc and last by Doug Whitaker family. (About where the equipment is located in photo)
Clarification of Harrison Store and Blacksmith Shop Photo
In the previous article about the Harrison Store, etc and accompanying photo, unless you click on the picture and see the heading, Town and Grange Hall-Early 1900’s, you might think the large building in the foreground was the Harrison Store. “Actually”, as my grandkids say- this was the Old Town Hall, the Grange Hall and Post Office until 1972. This building was built in 1897 and was used as a community center until flooded with 5-6 feet of water. The “new” Town Hall Building was in the last stages of construction on the present Rt. 15 and near enough completion that the Town Offices and Post Office were moved to the new building shortly after the flood. Up until that time, the various town offices i.e.: Town Clerk, Supervisor and Justice of Peace were in private homes or in a store. In 1984, members of the Grange transferred memberships to the Granges in Caton or Addison. The “old Town Hall” building was sold to Richard Pierce.
From 1987 to 1972, various activities were held in the” Old Town Hall”. The upstairs served as the meeting room for Adult Grange and Juvenile Grange meetings were held downstairs. Meals could be served upstairs where there were tables, chairs, a stove, cupboards and a piano. There was, also, a stage where plays and even church services were conducted. During the late 1940’s, members of the Grange gave permission to a group of local teenagers to hold square dances there Saturday evenings with the understanding that Mothers would chaperone and that we join the Grange. On a personal note- our wedding was held there after the Community Church basement was flooded a day or two before our wedding.
It is not known exactly when the Post Office became officially located in the North end of the downstairs. Before then, usually local stores served as a postoffice. The Town Board met in the south end of the downstairs. Before automobiles shortened travel time there were two election districts in town. Elections for the Lindley part of the town were held in the downstairs of this building and people in Presho end of town voted in the small building on Indian Hills road just south of the present Smith Road.
Several changes in the landscape in this area are occurring at present. Construction for the new two- lane- bridge is starting. Later today, I hope to post a picture of the beginning of the construction.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

As Town Historian trying to collect almost 200 years to history for the town files, you need to be able to fit pieces of a puzzle together and to be able to find clues as in a mystery. Such is the case of this picture taken about 1912 at the corner of Morgan Creek Road and Lindley Road (old U.S. Rt.15).

A newspaper clippings of January 4th, 1912 stated the following: “ A.W. Orr the general merchant has sold his residence and store to Lettie C. Wagner and Miss Pearl Dillon possession to be given April 1st.
Charles Harrison has sold his store property to the same parties, possession Jan.15th. The new firm will run under the name of Wagner and Dillon. H.R. Wagner will head the firm. Lettie C. Wagner, Miss Pearl Dillon and F.G. Wagner will be the other members. They will take possession of the Harrison store about January 15th.
Feb.13th Wagner & Dillon opened the Harrison store .It will be merged with the Orr store in April and will pay the top-notched price for eggs. The new firm will make no active bid for business until it takes over the Orr store, but after that date, they will meet all competition of outside firms as well as home.”

Many older residents were familiar with the location of the Orr store whose history is as follows:
Archealogical research for the new 2- lane- bridge on County Route 73 at Lindley had revealed that the Orr store stood on corner of Morgan Creek Road and old US. Rt.15 (Lindley Road.)(Picture is shown on Lindleytown blog.) The first owners (1847) were Middlebrook, Moore and Morgan. Elizabeth Hill bought the property in 1867. In 1883, Charles Hill bought the store from his mother. In 1906, Charles and William Hill –sons of Elizabeth sold to Gertrude Orr. As mentioned in the clipping, the Wagners, etc obtain the store from Orr in 1912. In 1915, a William Cook becomes owner through a foreclosure deed and sells it to Maude Cook. in 1917. She then sells the property to Amos and Gertrude Orr in 1922. The Orrs sell the store to Merton Manley in 1926. Many of our senior citizens remember it as the” Manley Store.” In 1945, Doug and Bernice Whitaker purchased the business. To many that corner is still referred to as Whitaker’s store. In the 1972 flood, the building was heavily damaged and demolished. Two mobile homes were placed on the lot.

Still a mystery is a fact mentioned in Burr’s history of Lindley -1951, which states” the Hill store burned.” The question remains when was it rebuilt and by whom. Pictures from the Whitaker store show it on about the same foundation.

The above told us where the Orr store was located but where was the Harrison Store? When Lucia (Loughridge) Huels brought the photo to the Lindley-Presho Historical Society meeting, she, also, brought a narrative from her 90 plus years cousin Dick Riffle who lives in the State of Washington. He named the narrative, People in Lindley as I knew them 1922-1940. In his story, he describes the old Town Hall, the Harrison store and a blacksmith shop as shown in the picture. He also stated that the store became a residence; then a tavern that burned in the 1930’s. The Tavern called the Green Shingle was rebuilt. His story doesn’t finish the story of the Green Shingle however. In 1953, U.S. Rt. 15 was relocated to its present location. This meant that the Green Shingles Tavern would be by-passed by Rt. 15 traffic- So Mike and Kay Jusick - owners of the tavern negotiated with Clarence Brant who owned property on the corner of Watson Creek Road and the new highway. The Green Shingle building raised from its foundation, placed on some type of movable vehicle and transported across the fields to its present location.

There are more stories and questions about Lindley stores and businesses, but they will wait for another time.

Harrison - Orr Stores about 1912