Monday, July 20, 2015

Lindleytown Day Meeting


Lindleytown Day

September 19th ,2015

Planning Meeting

July 23, 2015

7 P.M.

Come and join the group planning an afternoon of displays and activities connected to

 Lindley’s 225 years of history.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Lindley Historical Society - Meeting July 23rd

July 4th 2015
Lindley, N.Y. from Sawyer Road
Looking at this picture , one wonders what Colonel Lindsley and his 40 plus or minus group of settlers would think of the community that  they started back in  June, 1790  !!!!!

Ordinarily the Lindley-Presho Historical Society does not meet in the summer months, but with Lindleytown Days being held on September 19th, 2015 to celebrate the town's existence for 225 years, it is necessary to hold meetings to plan the event.

Therefore, Brenda Criss ,Chairperson of the Day's events has called a meeting to work on the details
7 p.m. July 23rd,2015
Lindley Town Hall

This is a volunteer effort of Lindley residents with assistance from the Town Board.  Past meetings have resulted in basic plans for the afternoon. Brenda has prepared a budget and has been busy recruiting participants.  We hope to make this an interesting afternoon that will relate to Lindley's 225 years of history .   So anyone interested in Lindley's history and who would like to participate is invited to attend the meetings and help plan the day. See you there.. 
Did you realize Lindley was started just  14 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed back on July 4th ,1776.  239 years ago. Time does march on

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Gas Pipe Line Construction in Lindley -2015

July 5,2015 Brant farm across from Green Shingle

Advertisement that appeared in Leader March 24th ,1914
(click to enlarge)
In case you have wondered about all the digging going on in the southern part of Lindley, this proposed project by Empire Pipeline, Inc and National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation labeled  "Tuscarora Lateral Project" is well under way. According to this legal in the Leader , there will be "approximately17.12 miles of natural gas pipeline ,including 16.35 miles of 12 inch diameter pipeline and 0.77 miles of 16-inch pipeline and interconnecting facilities along with the construction  of additional compression at the 'Supply' (National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation)
 existing Tuscarora Compression Station."
On the map, the new line is the largest-dark line extending from Tuscarora through Lindley under I 99 , Steuben County Rt.115 (old Rt.15,) Lindley Road, the Tioga River, County Rt.116 and over the hill across from Steamtown Road to the Cram Cross Road station in Caton where it will connect to an existing pipeline in Jackson Township, Penna.

 According to this more information is available on the FERC website Http://

Brant Farm

Looking E toward Steamtown Rd from Stermer Rd

5/17/2015  Co. Rt.116
Since this is such an extensive project involving a large portion of the town, I asked one of the contractors  for more information about the history of the project to add to the Historian files. Will keep you posted.

As we took pictures over the weekend, Dick and I wondered what Colonel Lindsley and his group of 40 settlers from 1790 would think .

So many changes in the history and appearance of Lindley in 225 years.

On Saturday September 19, 2015, a group of Lindley volunteers are planning an afternoon of displays and demonstrations that will remind the community of the changes over the years.  
Watch for more details here.



Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mary Lentzen Retires

Mary Lentzen
Lindley resident who served as a member and Chairman of Lindley Planning Board for a number of years.

Congratulations Mary on your retirement from Corning Inc.

 Thank you for all your contributions as a Lindley resident and for all the time and effort that you spent on the Town of Lindley Planning Board.

Thank you,also, for taking an interest in the history of Lindley.

We will miss that cheerful, happy smile and wish you the best as you enjoy your new home and the Florida sunshine.
Dick and Kitty Pierce  


Friday, June 26, 2015

Early Sawmills

This was a handout out at  the Bloomsburg Fair Sawmill Demonstration. I believe the Up and Down Saw was the type used by Col. Lindsley in his 1790's sawmill on Watson Creek..(Hopefully, when you click on the photo , the print will be more readable. A copy of the original pamphlet took up too much space when I tried to copy  it. Someday, I will master all the technology of scanning!!)
 The center photo does give the idea of the type of saw that was used. From the demo at the fair- sawing a log was a long,tedious job with this type of saw.
PS   6/27/2015
I experimented by " opening in a new window" then clicking on the photo of the saw and the print enlarged to make entire pamphlet more readable.                   Enjoy -Kitty

Monday, June 22, 2015

Benjamin Patterson

The Lindley-Presho Historical Society will meet 7 P.M..Thursday June 25th at the Lindley Town Hall .

Leon Golder of the Patterson Inn in Corning will present a program on Benjamin Patterson –for whom the Inn is named.

The program is of interest to Lindley residents as Benjamin’s younger brother , Robert was an early Lindley resident and land owner.
The 1857 map shows E.Patterson living on present River Road at end of Church Creek.  There is no  Patterson family genealogy in the files-so I am guessing this is a descendant of Robert Patterson. A Steuben County history states that David Cook and Robert Patterson brought back apple trees from one of their trips. Tannery Creek was formerly known as Cook's Creek - named for the family owning the property there. The map shows both the Cook and Patterson name between Tannery Creek and Church Creek -so I guess we can assume David Cook and Robert Patterson  were  probably neighbors. A trip to Bath to County Clerk's office to check deeds would probably  help solve the puzzle unless a present owner of property in this area has information on their abstract.
        Perhaps , Mr Golder's research on Benjamin will tell us more about the 2 families or current Lindley residents  will have information about Robert  Patterson and his family.
                                   Lindley.NY. 1857 map
                                   See you Thursday P.M.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

LPFD 1st Fire Truck

Fall  1963
 Lindley's  1st Fire Truck  1947 Ward La France
I understand the truck is back in Hammondsport and has been restored.
Note the Fire Station was still under construction.
Not sure who the legs on the ladder  belong to.