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Founders of Lindley,New York #2 Dr.Ezekiel Mulford

Copied from Colonial Ancestors and Descendants
by Uri Mulford Corning,. 1920      ( Gt.Grandson of Dr and Mrs. Mulford).

                                   Dr. Ezekiel Mulford

Ezekiel Mulford, ( 5th generation) (Ezekiel -Jeremiah -Thomas - William) was born at East Hampton in 1764, married Nancy Lindsley, daughter of Eleazer Lindsley and his wife Mary(Miller); died in Town of Lindley,N.Y. of Pneumonia Typus January 13, 1813; she died the preceding day and they are  both buried in one grave. The disease started in New England in the spring of 1811 and spread from community to community -causing many deaths.
Dr. Mulford studied medicine and surgery first as an apprentice and doctor's assistant as was then the  practice, at Sag Harbor and later served in military hospital at Morristown, N. J.  He married Nancy Lindsley and they migrated to Wyoming ,Pa. on the Susquehanna and were among the first settlers of Lindley, in June 1790. Dr. Mulford brought surgical instruments and medical supplies. These together with the household furnishings and eatables, were lost in a fire that destroyed the log cabin home on Christmas Day, 1793.  The cabin stood on Meeting House Hill,  near Watson Creek. -about a half mile from the Pennsylvania line; nearby, on the creek, were the saw mill and grist mill each run by an over-shot waterwheel. The mills were built by Col. Lindsley.
      Dr. Mulford  was the first member of his profession to locate in the Painted Post section of the Genesee Country. He cultivated the friendship of the Indians by ministering to their needs without price. He owned a large tract of land in the township of Lindley .When his estate was settled most of the land was sold for the benefit of his "land poor" heirs.  Later all his children shared in the estate of their grandfather ,Capt. Mulford of Sag Harbor, Long Island.  
       Nancy Lindsley ,wife of Dr. Mulford  was held in tender remembrance by her children . she was their companion ,in turn their first school teacher, early instructed her daughters how to knit, sew, darn, patch and cook; in her home the Bible was the "Book of Books" and children a precious heritage.

  Children of Dr. Ezekiel Mulford  and his wife Nancy ( Lindsley )

 1. Lindsley  Born 1784  Died 1871            M. Huldy Salisbury

 2. Jeremiah  Born 1784  Died April 1860.  M. Anna Van Wye

3. Eleazer      Born 1787   Died 1871     M. Elizabeth  Lillibridge  

4. Nancy       Born    Died 1852     M. 1. Cornelius Williams ,
                                                                     2- John Gray

5. Eliza         Born 1792   Died 1852   First white child born in Lindley
                                                             M. Dulcena Backus

6. Savalon     Born 1794   Died                                         M.  ____  Condit

7. Mahlon      Born  1794  Died  1867  (Twin of Savalon)  M. Sophia Condit

8. Castilla      Born 1796    Died 1878  Commonly called Major
                                                                M. Sebrina Sheppard

9. Almira       Born 1798    Died 1871     M. David Halsey

10. Mariel      Born  1800   Died 1882     M. Samuel Campbell

11. James       Born  1801   Died  age 15  

12. Phebe       Born 1803     Died 1857     M. Joshua Russell 

13. Minerva    Born 1805     Died              M. John Adamson

14. Jane          Born  1807     Died 1873     M. Radolphus Cleveland

15. Eleanor     Born 1810      Died 1890     M. Orlando Gregory

Lindsley Burying Ground

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Some Presho History


Mrs. Albert Bennington is on the sick
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Marsh, of Elmira,
have been visiting friends in town.
O. P. Johnson, of Cammal, Pa., has
been visiting his daughter, Mrs. Harrison
Luke Gibson fell and was quite seriously
injured while at work in his barn the
past week.
George M. Pepper is building a cheese
factory. It will be run on the co-operative
plan. It is expected that the factory
will be finished and ready for business
by the middle of May.
May 6, 1901.
Corning Journal  May 8,1901 Fulton site

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Math Test from a Primary School Math Book1863

Copy of 1863 and 1891 School Book

Some questions for your children   No calculators allowed!!!!!!

How did they do??/

How good was your math??/

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Copied from a Genealogy website. Dick Eastman

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter -

(+) Calculating Birth Dates from Death Date Information

The following is a Plus Edition article, written by and copyright by Dick Eastman. 
What day was that ancestor born? It seems like such a simple question, and yet finding the answer can be surprisingly complex, even when you have the numbers in front of you. Exact dates are often found in death certificates and frequently on tombstones. The problem is that these are often written as death dates followed by the person’s age at death.

With so many broken or damaged stones in our old cemeteries, I was interested in the repair job on this stone.  Repairing them is a challenge -so hats off to anyone who preserves the old grave stones.


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Honoring Lindley's 1st Veterans Revolutionary War Veterans The Earliest Founders of Lindley

Lt.Colonel Eleazer  Lindsley -
Lt. Colonel in Colonel Spencer's Regiment -Rev.War
Buried in Lindsley Burying Ground

Samuel Lindsley -son of Col.Eleazer and Mary Lindsley
(recently discovered documentation - )
4th N.J Regt. Wounded Battle of Brandywine at 17 years of age.-Rev.War
(A Lindsley Descendant and a  DAR Representative are sorting out documentation since there were 2 Samuel Lindsleys from N.J.who served in the Revolution)
Was Major in first Steuben County Militia.
Buried in Lindley Burying Ground 

Dr.Ezekiel Mulford
Surgeon 1st N.Y. Regiment -Rev.War
Buried in Lindsley Burying Ground

Captain John Seelye
Orderly Sergeant
Col. Bradley's Connecticut Regiment  Rev.War
Spy for General Washington
Buried Lindsley Burying Ground

David Cook
Ensign  -New Jersey
Buried Five Corners Cemetery 
Jasper, New York
 Several Descendants buried in Lindley cemeteries

Joshua Mersereau
Mersereau-Latoruette Spy Ring for General Washington Rev. War
2 Teenage Brothers with their Father aided Washington  at Crossing of the Delaware
Buried Presho, N.Y. Cemetery

On July 4th ,1776, the Continental Congress declared this country's independence from British rule .
The men above were involved in some way with the founding of this new nation.

In 1790, 14 years later, the first five (5) of these men would move their families to establish a settlement in the then  NYS wilderness to a place now known as Lindley,New York. Joshua Mersereau as an elderly man would come in early 1800's to live with sons who had established an extensive lumber business here.

Why would these men and families leave their established homes to move to the wilderness? We know from diaries and other documents left by soldiers in the Clinton- Sullivan Campaign 1779 that destroyed the Native American's Food Bank for the British that these soldiers  envisioned this region  as a land of opportunities after seeing the richness of the area.  Many would return.
Without  a copy of Col.Lindsley's Military Record, we don't know if he participated in this campaign, but he had served in Col.Sterling's Regiment which did. So we can assume that he either saw this part of the country or heard stories from those who did. From records we know that he  surveyed land on Seneca Lake and that when his plans for that area did not materialize, he purchased the land that is now Lindley . And the rest is Lindley's history.

 I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it.
-Thomas Jefferson

And so we celebrate the 4th of July to honor  all who participated in the War of Independence -
                               The American Revolution 1776- 1783
  Some of  Col. Lindsley's   Land   2015

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Our Town Lindley,N.Y.

 Lt.Col. Eleazer Lindsley  and Lindsley Coat of Arms

(Composite photo made for the Steuben County Hall of Fame)

Lindley no longer has a school in the town and this is my way of letting the residents learn about the town where they live

The following will be excerpts from various histories about the history  of the Town of Lindley. Each historian or person writing the following information has made his own  interpretation of the facts.  Kitty

Lt. Colonel Eleazer Lindsley was born December 7th, 1737 in Morristown, New Jersey -the son of Jonathon Lindsley. He died in Lindley, N.Y. June 1,1794. He served as a Lt .Colonel. in Colonel Oliver Spencer's Regiment of New Jersey Continental Troops. He was ,also, a Second Major in the Morris County ,Militia . He married Mary Miller of Morristown N.J. He served in the New Jersey Assembly in 1780; was a Justice of Peace in 1783 and moved to Steuben County, New York in 1790.
From Men of Morris County, New Jersey  Who Served in the American Revolution.
 Barbara J. Hoskins   1979   Contribution to the Bicentennial of the American Revolution

Colonel Lindsley was associated with "The New York Genessee Land Company " and surveyed lands on the east side of Seneca Lake. The land was to be divided into large farms with lake frontage. Lindsley laid out a town 10 miles square for himself and named the place "Appletown".  "State" interference with the lease plans caused Lindsley to look elsewhere for land. He disposed of this land .(Much has been written elsewhere about the Genessee Company-Kitty)

In 1789, at the conclusion of the Indian Treaty in Canandaigua , New York in which Lindsley had been invited to participate, he purchased Township 1,Range 2 in the County of Ontario. In the spring of 1790, Colonel Lindsley with party of 37 relatives and friends, left New Jersey for a new settlement in the area that he had purchased. This settlement was known as Lindleytown or Lindsley.  In later years, the "s"  was dropped and the town today is known as Lindley.
Colonel Lindsley was elected to serve as the first representative in the New York Legislature from Ontario County.
He died in 1794.
Colonial Ancestors and Descendants by Uri Mulford  1920  Corning, N.Y.
Uri Mulford  was a direct descendant of Col. Lindsley  and Dr.Ezekiel Mulford . (This is a brief summary of what he wrote about why Lindsley left the Seneca Lake purchase and purchased the land that became Lindley.  Kitty)  

to be continued