Lindley's Joshua Mersereau

One of the most crucial battles of the Revolutionary War was at Washington Crossing  between Pennsylvania and New Jersey . Joshua Mersereau who is buried in our  Presho Cemetery participated in this event with his father and brother-John. Joshua is a member of the Steuben County Hall of Fame in honor of his contribution as a spy during the war.
This page describes one of his contributions  as a teenager.

County Names #2

Chautauqua- a contraction ofa Seneca Indian word meaning "wherefish was taken out"
Chemung - derived from the name of the Delaware Indian village signifying "big horn" (Chemung Co. Historical Society Museum has a display about this horn)
Chenango -  from the Onondaga Indian word meaning "large bull thistle"
Clinton-  in honor of George Clinton -first governor of the state. 
Columbia -the Latin feminine form of Columbus, the name was popular at the time as a proposed name for the United States of America.
Cortland-in honor of Pierre Van Cortlandt who was the first lieutenant governor of the state (in 1777- he was the president of the convention at Kingston, NY  that framed the state's first constitution ).
Delaware -in honor of Lord Delaware who was appointed governor of Virginia in 1609 ,and in recognition of his services to early colonists.
Dutchess- in honor of the Dutchess of York, wife of James II
Erie-derived from the tribe of Indians living in Western …

Another old Postcard Erwinna


Looking at Old Postcard Albums


Corning Hospital with 1st Building

Some of us really  "Old Timers" were probably born  in the building in front Memories!!!          

From the Family Archives

Unknown Ancestors
This old photo was in a trunk donated by a family member.

       Not sure who or where , but it depicts a scene typical of our area's early history when lumbering was a big business in the early to mid 1800's.                       Fox-Weston-Bronson and the Harrower-Mersereau families owned considerable property in the Lindley area where they carried                      out the lumbering business.   Colonel Lindsley had the 1st local sawmill.                                                                                                                                            .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Numerous sawmills were located along the Tioga River and…