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Happy New Year January 2013


Lindley Highway Garage Progress 1-5-2013 to 1-23-2013

Building material arrives-
                                              construction starts

Good weather assists in construction   Rebuilding the Lindley Highway Garage after the devastating fire on 1-5-2013 in  less than a year has been a challenge -so hats off to Marc Stocum and his highway crew; Jerry Simcoe, Town  Supervisor ; members of the Town Board and the Jones Construction Company for all their efforts

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014 New Year


Comforts from Home for Civil War Soldiers -1861--(152 Years Ago)


Before the Days of Antibiotics, Etc.


Rutty Passmore Newsletter Story -- April 4, 1940

As mentioned previously in articles about Lindley floods in the 1940, Rutty was confined to his home due to health problems, and published a local newspaper. He resided on Morgan Creek Road and Mr. Ayres mentioned was his neighbor. AN  INTERESTING COMPARISON OF TWO CONSECUTIVE WEEKS  This weekend just past saw a series of three stages of high water; the week before however was a vastly different. Allow us to show the comparison. Last week ,Mr. William R. Ayres went into northern part of the state and returned on Tuesday. We at the time asked him to write a short article on what he saw. However, it was not ready for last week's edition and we now find that it works out as well a week late as it gives an interesting comparison of two consecutive weeks. Mr. Ayres article follows.   "You, undoubtedly, have read several accounts of 'Ole Man Winter" in upstate New York. Well, I went up to see, not in an attempt to discredit anything I had read, but on a business trip, i…



1915 Lindley Farm For Sale

From --NYS Annual Report of Department of Agriculture  1916 - 23rd year ending September 30,1915  Part II Vol.2 Town of Lindley Population 1,153 No 1136-Farm of 307 Acres; located 1/2 mile from Lindley P.O. R.D. No.2, and railway station on line of  N.Y.C. R.R.; 1/2 mile from school and churches ;1/2 mile from cheese factory ; 2 miles from milk station and condensing plant . Nearest city, Corning ,population 13,730,12 miles distant, reached by rail or good highway. General surface of farm ,70 acres of good river flats ,remainder rolling. Altitude 1,029 feet. nature of soil, sandy loam .Acres in meadow, 45; in pasture,  200; in timber, 60; oak and pine, estimated at 200,000 feet. Acres tillable 150. Fruit,10 apple trees. Best adapted to tobacco, alfalfa, hay, corn, oats, potatoes and wheat.  Fences ,wire and board, in good condition. House 12 rooms, fair condition. Outbuildings:  2 basement barns, 36x38; 2 tobacco sheds, 28x64; 1 horse barn, 32x32; 1 cow barn, 28x80; 1 corn crib, 2…

Some Military Trivia for Veteran's Day

There are several Military  Veteran's uniforms in the Town of Lindley Historian's Collection.I don't recall what prompted the research (one of the uniforms may have the patch with it).  Anyway -looking for something for Veteran's Day in the files, I located this documentation.  It has been updated since I first found it on Google .  I imagine a Google search will show more information.  I enjoyed rereading it -especially the Hollywood connection!!!!!! Enjoy  Kitty

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Happy Birthday -Mike

Loren ( Mike) Morse 90 years young on November 9th, 2013 Let's all wish Mike -Lindley resident -World War II Veteran A Very Happy Birthday We hope you have a wonderful day with all your family .

Lindley-Presho Fire Department Members


Town of Lindley Events Updates

November 5th Election Ballot available for viewing
The ballots are now available for viewing on the Board of Elections website.  You can go to and click on 2013 General Election Ballots.   Each ballot is listed by town and district (if applicable).  The ballots are 2 sided as there are state, county and some local propositions on the back of the ballot.
Steuben County Board of Election (P)  607-664-2261 (F)  607-664-2376  (new) Posted by lindleytc at 1:42 PM No comments: And update on Fire Department Party
50th Anniversary Party for the Fire Department YOU'RE INVITED!!
The Lindley-Presho Historical Society is hosting a 50th Anniversary Party for the Lindley-Presho Volunteer Fire Department at the Lindley Town Hall, 637 US 15, Lindley, NY 14858, on Sunday, October 27th from 2:00-4:00pm.  Past, present and future Volunteer Fire Fighters will be honored, and refreshments will be served.  All are welcome!!

Hoping the Lindley Community will take a few minutes…

(Dennis Abbey Photo) Scenic View of Lindley- from Rt.15 (To Be I99 )

Thanks- Dennis for this great photo-taken from Sawyer Road

Vacancy on Lindley Town Board

Letters of Interest being accepted to fill vacant Town Board seat
The Lindley Town Board is accepting letters of interest to fill a position on the Lindley Town Board due to an early vacancy.  This position is for the remainder of 2013.  Applicants should include why they would like to enter into public service.  Letters of interest will be accepted through Friday, October 18th.  The Town Board will review and appoint a qualified applicant Wednesday, October 23rd at 7:00 pm at the Lindley Town Hall.  Please mail or submit letters to the Lindley Town Clerk's office, Lindley Town Hall, 637 US 15, PO Box 62, Lindley NY  14858.
By order of the Lindley Town Board

A Great Day in the Town of Lindley,N.Y.

Dignitaries at Rt.15  Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 10/8/2013 Ribbon cutting ceremony October 8,2013  -11A.M on Northbound Lane of  Route 15  (Town Of Lindley) -(someday to be I 99Today was a beautiful day for the long awaited opening of 4 lanes of traffic through the Town of Lindley N.Y.          This project has been discussed since plans were made to extend the 4 lane highway to Presho, N.Y. from Painted Post. (That section of the project was completed in 1970- if I recall correctly.)           In 1997, Pennsylvania and New York authorities started discussions to continue the 4 lane highway from Presho all the way to Williamsport, Pa. and beyond.  Today -marked the end of 16 years of planning and  construction. Lindley residents and travelers along the 5 miles of 2 lanes of traffic from Presho to Lawrenceville can all gave a collective sigh of relief that this 5 miles is finally completed. On a historical note- In the Wellsboro newspaper archives on line from the Wellsboro, Penna. Gr…

Save the Date


More Lumber City School Photos

Photos  of other Lindley Schools and students are on display in the Lindley Town Hall. When known, names of the  students are attached. The Birth of Education in One Room Country Schools December 2005 by Ian G. Mackenzie states" the former schoolhouse( Lumber City School) was built about 1865 on the Ryers Creek Road. The property was bought by Percy King (***after CPP Consolidation) who sold the building which was moved to Thurston and used as a garage. The school name was chosen because in the 1800's a small community existed at that location, -known as Lumbertown-so named because of the intense activity in the area." The lumber company of Fox-Weston-Bronson is shown next to the school  on the 1873 map of Lindley. More on this topic later.  If you have a photo of old Lindley schools or student groups not on display, I would be happy to add them to the Historian files.  Copies of the original photos are acceptable or I can scan and return the original. *** my notation  …
The Lindley-Presho  Historical Society will meet on Thursday September 26th, 2013  7 P.M. at the Lindley Town Hall. The program will be Fox-Weston-Bronson Lumber Company and the Connection to the John P. Ryers’ Estate map. (John P. Ryers died in 1839). The area shown on the map is one fourth of the Town of Lindley (the Northeast Section) which Colonel Lindsley had sold to John Ryers of Staten Island,N.Y. in 1792. 
     Included in the holdings of the lumber company was Lumber City on Ryers Creek .  Can you find a relative in this photo??

NYC&H Postcards

The NYC & H RR is shown going from Corning, NY.  to Wellsboro to Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania on the previous blog. At the present time, the rails have been removed from Wellsboro to Jersey Shore.  The roadbed along Pine Creek and Pennsylvania Grand Canyon is a hiking and biking trail. Another less known attraction is the Ole Covered Wagon that is a guided tour along the route. .

Lindley's RR History

The Corning -Blossburg Railroad (now Corning -Wellsboro ) was one of the first rail systems in this area-1839 . I have been corresponding with a descendant of John Magee (who was heavily involved in the early CBRR.) From its early beginnings to the present, this little RR has had a fascinating history. Rather than try to tell the story here, check out a website maintained by the descendant at . And thanks Dan for alerting me to your website and the story, photos,etc of one of the earliest and still running railroads in this region. Kitty
Section of I 99 to Open I99 Updates and traffic flow changes as of August 21, 2013 Please note that there is now a stop sign at the end of the Presho Bridge onto Indian Hills Road.   Also, Southbound Traffic onto I99 is scheduled to begin Thursday, August 22nd, barring any delays. Local Southbound Traffic onto old Route 15 will be diverted from the Presho overpass onto Indian Hills road,  past the Presho Cemetery and along onto Hovey Road (formerly a dead end road). This will open onto Northbound Old Rt 15.  Please stop at the stop sign before crossing and continuing southbound on Old Rt 15.  Thank you and use caution as you adjust to these traffic flow changes As taken           looking   South   March 9th, 2013               
Before Bridge was completed   ( 3/9/2013) Looking North Photos by Dennis Abbey Note the new Toby's curve -I-99 as travelers will see it traveling South starting  August 22nd, 2013

Newtown Battlefield Event

Saturday, August 24 & Sunday, August 25, 2013 9am-4pm both days - Adult admission is $5

Chemung Valley Living History Center's
The Battle of Newtown Revolutionary War Event

Stop by for the re-enactment of the historic 1779 Battle of Newtown and a military court martial, then visit the camps, talk to the re-enactors, and buy goods from 18th and 21st century merchants!
Newtown Battlefield State Park - just off I-86 2346 County Road 60 Elmira, New York 14901
For more info about the event, please visit the website.

Public Hearing Notice August 26,2013 7 P.M.


The Old Country School

*  Today's educators may look with scorn on the old country school, but there a lot of us today's Sr. citizen group who got their first introduction to the 3R's in just such a place.         They called our neighborhood school the Willowdale school, and it had been there a long time when I ventured through the front door at the age of 5 and left at the age of 11 for high school.  It had none of the comforts of today's overdone classrooms-it was the typical one room school; no insulation, no store windows, tall windows on three sides of the room, a heatrola stove sat in the middle with its stovepipe stretched clear to the back of the room into the outside chimney. It was a nice looking stove, but its heating ability left much to be desired. I wonder how we kept from freezing, then I remember the long winter underwear, the flannel petticoats, the woolen stockings, the heavy sweaters . On bad days,  we huddled close to the stove. Teacher would usually try to make hot…

Joshua Mersereau buried in Presho Cemetery-Lindley,NY

(A clipping from a Staten Island newspaper)

This is just one of the Revolutionary soldiers buried in the Town of Lindley Cemeteries. In the Lindsley Burying Ground are Col.Eleazer Lindsley-(founder of the town ) and 2 of his son-in-laws who also served. Dr.Ezekiel Mulford and Captain John Seelye. (The exact location of  Col. Lindsley or Captain Seelye graves are not known.)  A new marker for Col.Lindsley was placed in the cemetery in 1990 Lindley Bicentennial celebration by the Heritage Days Committee. Both Col. Lindsley and Joshua Mersereau have been inducted into the Steuben County Hall of Fame. Joshua's portrait is on display in the Military Room in the Tioga County,Penna. Museum in Wellsboro,Pennsylvania

1889 Flood Article Along Old Rt15

Photo from William Burr's  Lindley History 1951 The road on the south close to the white building (Hill's Store) is Morgan Creek Road. The arrow is pointing to Mr.Burr's home -in vicinity of Caroline Drive. +Although article is dated 1949, it is  describing much of  the area around the Lindley bridge in 1889.  It ,also, mentions how many of Lindley's old records were lost.
Until the Corp of Engineer Dams were built in 1975/6 (after the 1972 flood), flooding was a common occurrance in this area.

A Short History of the Lindley Town Halls

This present building on U.S. Rt.15 opened following 1972  Flood (1970 Newspaper Clipping ) Building was on present Lindley Road (Flooded in 1972) *Note the old iron bridge Photo Circa 1900 Following the disasterous flood of 1889,the iron bridge was built in 1898. (replaced in 1989 and again in 2009.) The first Town Hall/Grange and Post Office building was, also, constructed about 1898. The Post Office was on north end of first floor,Town Hall on south end of 1st floor and Grange upstairs. (There was an indoor/outdoor bathroom facility on the back of first floor). For a short time, the upstairs was used as a church. There were plays and events like Minstrel shows held there,also. In the late 1940's-early 1950's, some local teenagers were given permission by the Grange to use the upstairs for Square Dances on Saturday evenings.  They were chaparoned by Mrs. Loughridge, Mrs. Pierce, Mrs.Brant and other mothers. There even was a wedding reception in 1954 because the Lindley C…

Titled "Forty Years Ago"

I have no idea where I found this newspaper clipping or its age, but it is very old and very yellow. Since it mentions airplanes ,I am guessing it was written about 1910. Nobody swatted a fly. Nobody wore a wrist watch. Nobody had appendicitis. Nobody knew about radios. Most young men had" livery bills".   Farmers came to town for their mail. Most people read by candle or kerosene light. The heavens were not full of manbirds. The hired girl drew $1.50 a week and was happy. Young men learned trades at $5 a week.  The butcher " threw in " a chunk of liver. The merchant " threw in " a pair of suspenders with every suit. Nobody listened in on the telephone line. There were no electric meters. There were no bolshevists, no "isms" "Equipped with gas" was a prominent line of house -to -let advertisements. Office folks didn't know about a fan in the summertime and ice water was a treat. Most folks retired at 9 p.m. and rose at 5 in the…