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Morgan Creek-Watson Creek Road Intersections Lindley,NY

Local residents are aware of the dangerous traffic situation that exists while traveling the 5 miles on U.S Rt.15 from Presho to the Watson Creek (Green Shingle ) section of the highway -But ---------------
A note to those who must travel U.S.Rt.15 through Lindley -please exercise extreme caution at the Intersections of Rt.15 and Morgan Creek Road and the one at Watson Creek . These have always been dangerous intersections but with the increase in the amount of traffic and speeding after the construction of the 4 lanes around Lawrenceville , they are even more dangerous. The entire business area ( Lindley Post Office, Lindley Town Hall,Lindley Community Church, DOT Offices , Lindley Woodworks and Deming's Garage ) are located near the Morgan Creek Intersection .

Many problems exist in these areas.

1.With the increase in traffic and in the SPEEDING --( as we jokingly used to say) -"No traffic light in Lawrenceville to slow traffic down") , it is becoming increasingly diffic…

Happy Easter April -24-2011

Paper White Narcissus

From an Old Postcard

Dick Riffle Part X

This is a continuation of an article People of Lindley as I Knew Them written by Dick Riffle in 2009. Dick lived in Lindley until his work as a Minister took him to other parts of the country.
He will be 93 in May, lives in the State of Washington and is writing his memoirs. He is sharing many stories and photos which I am adding to the Lindley Historian's files.
Previous articles posted on this blog told stories about the Morgan Creek residents and families near the Lindley bridge. The story today is about a house on County Rt.116 going south from the Lindley bridge.
" Next was the home of Jerome and Alace (Romane) Riffle ,my grandparents. After their decease in the 1920's, the home belonged their daughter Grace and husband Judson Kennedy. They had several children, JudsonJr. , Geraldine, Kathryn and twin girls Madeline and Margaret who were a couple years younger than me. Aunt Grace was a very hospitable lady and many of the Annual " Riffle Reunions" were held…

Volunteer Fireman's Day

Today as New York State honors Volunteer Fireman, we would like to acknowledge the efforts of the Lindley-Presho Fire Department volunteers and their families.

In January 1963, a group of 60 citizens met at the Old Lindley Town Hall to discuss the possibility of a Lindley-Presho Fire Department. With the typical Town of Lindley "Can Do Attitude", plans for a local Fire Department soon materialized. 360 families over a 36 square mile area would be served by the new association.
By the end of February, officers had been named and the group was awaiting Incorporation papers. Plans were underway to select a site for a fire hall , and to raise money for the building and equipment. By the Fall of 1963, a central location for the Fire Hall had been selected and enough money raised to start the construction and to purchase a used 1947 Fire Truck. The construction of the Fire Hall was completed with volunteer labor from the local residents by the end of the year. Several different me…