Does History Repeat Again???

Wellsboro,Pa March 8,1911 THE AGITATOR
Some little excitement has been occasioned during the past few days to the finding of oil in the well being drilled by the Tioga Water Co.on their property on Park Hill.-although our people have none of them, so far as heard from, been carried away by the prospect of coming into immense fortune in a few days-as some newspaper reports would seem to indicate says the Tioga Argua(?). That oil has been found there is no denying and it is said that could it be separated from the water and the sand -the well would produce several barrels a day which confirms our belief of many years standing that oil exists in this immediate vicinity, but whether it can be tapped so as to produce paying quantities remains to be proven. This we understand ,will be tried , and it is hoped this time that the projectors will prove, as we believe they will honest enough to secure it in paying quantities if it is here. The indications as to rock ,sand,etc are said to be identical with the oil producing territory and the Tioga capitalists who have the matter in hand are determined men who ,we believe, will test the prospect thoroughly. Some properties have been leased by the new company ,but the rumor of the strike here must have reached the ears of the men formerly interested in the tests here, for when the new company approached the owners of the properties where wells were drilled years ago, they found the old leases had been recently renewed.


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