Saturday, April 25, 2009

Little League Honors Dick Johnson

Dick Johnson Lindley Highway Superintendant was honored today for over 30 years service to the community by Little League teams in this season's Opening Ceremony at the Little League field in Presho.

Congratulations-- Dick for a well deserved honor.

Good luck to all the teams,the players,coaches and supportive parents. Have a great season !!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

State Line Camping opens at New Location

In case you missed the notices, State Line Camping is now at the Presho exit on U.S.Rt15. They will be having an open house on Friday 4/24 9AM.-8PM.
Saturday 4/25 8 PM. and Sunday 4/26 noon to 4 PM.

Stop by and wish them Good Luck

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lindley-Presho Historical Society Meeting

The Lindley -Presho Historical Society will meet on Thursday April 23rd 7 P.M. At the Lindley Town Hall.

Elmer Huels of Lindley who has a glass engraving business will speak on the art of glass engraving.

A photo of the mug that he made for Lindley's Bi-Centennial in 1990 is shown.

While glass engraving is associated with Corning, at one time, there were several glass engraving businesses in our neighboring town of Lawrenceville, Penna.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dick Riffle Story Part II

I have had a request for pictures of the Rt.15 bridge over the Cowanesque River(NYS and Pa state Lawrenceville) This person is especially interested in flood photos or those prior to 1941 . My e-mail address can be accessed by clicking on Kitty Pierce on the blog : then E-mail contact.

To continue Dick's story. The Frank Stuart farm was on the corner of Morgan Creek road and Smith road which went past the cemetery road to the eddy of the river. There was a black family who lived in the house just before the home of George Wood. The husband's name was North Roberts. They had a teenage son Robert. They were well liked in the community. North was the steam shovel operator for the town road crew. He himself told the following story. One day when North was on the shovel,Bob Weale and three year old son Marion stopped to talk to North. Marion was nicknamed "Red" because of the many freckles on his face. North asked "Red" to come on the shovel with him. While sitting on North's lap,"Red" turned and looked up into North's face and said,"Mr. Roberts ,you can't help being black can you,anymore than I can help having these "flyspecks "all over my face!" North thought it was hilarious and told everyone about it.

Next to the Methodist Church was the Alex Brown family. When I was about 14, I had gained the title of "checker champion"in the town. Checkers was played in Lee Buckley's store .Alex would sometimes challenge me to a game. He played what is called the "side game" I had learned that the "center " game was best. I would beat Alex several games and then let him win a game.

He would jump up and say loudly, "There! Its the last game that counts !" and he would not play me a game again for several weeks. If we were both in the store ,he would say ,"He's not so good! I beat him the last game we played!."

Note - The road pattern in this area was changed in 1953 when Rt. 15 was moved to the present location. Before 1953, Rt. 15 followed the river from the "rocks" to the present Lindley Bridge. (Kitty)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jerome Riffle and Colonel Morgan

Memories of Morgan Creek Road by Dick Rifffle

For the next few weeks, I will be copying some of Dick Riffle's "The People of Lindley As I Knew Them (from 1922-1940)". Dick lived on Morgan Creek Road where the Lindley Woodworks is now located. He is now 91 years old,lives in Washington State and shares his memories with Lucia Loughridge Huels-a relative . I would like to thank Dick and Lucia for letting us share his memories. The following is as he wrote it.

"My earliest recollection begins with those who lived on Morgan Creek Road.Colonel Morgan ,Civil War Veteran ,who lived in a big white house near some sulfur springs. He was a close friend of my Dad ,George Riffle . I recall him visiting our home occasionally. The photo is of my Grandfather Jerome Riffle (smoking a cigar) and Colonel Morgan at a Riffle reunion at our home in 1923. Going up Morgan creek Road, there were two arch bridges over the creek. Before the first one a Dorothy Robinson and Mother lived. Dorothy had a deep male voice and muscles to match.When she worked at the Milva Inn as a maid, she also served as a "bouncer" when a man had too much to drink became unruly. Later her home was occupied by a single man,Mike Miller. He was a little short man with a beard and considered as one of the town's characters.The standing joke was that he never took a bath, but that he was never sick because the germs couldn't get through the dirt. Sometimes when working in his garden,he would be wearing a woman's dress.When asked why,he would say, "Because there"tooler"(cooler). He could not pronounce a "c" or an "s" but the word always came out with a "t" sound . Anyway, he had good logic about the dress. Sometime before Mike died, my brother Mel told him about God's love for him and Mike accepted Christ as his personal Savior. I expect to see him in heaven.