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Corning Hospital with 1st Building

Some of us really  "Old Timers" were probably born  in the building in front Memories!!!          

From the Family Archives

Unknown Ancestors
This old photo was in a trunk donated by a family member.

       Not sure who or where , but it depicts a scene typical of our area's early history when lumbering was a big business in the early to mid 1800's.                       Fox-Weston-Bronson and the Harrower-Mersereau families owned considerable property in the Lindley area where they carried                      out the lumbering business.   Colonel Lindsley had the 1st local sawmill.                                                                                                                                            .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Numerous sawmills were located along the Tioga River and…

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Below is a copy of another twist to the Pilgrim History of 1620 taken from the Dick Eastman Genealogy website . This was easier than copying all the article BUT  be sure you click on the address given in the article. As the radio commentator PAUL Harvey used to say "The rest of the story" .
I forwarded this  as an e-mail to some .The replies were interesting.

Hope you enjoy the story and Happy Thanksgiving

The Truth You’ve Never Heard About Plimoth Colony and the First Thanksgiving
· November 16, 2017 · History · 6 Comments

The Thanksgiving story you know probably goes a bit like this: English Pilgrims, seeking religious freedom, landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where they found a rich land full of animals and were greeted by a friendly Indian named Squanto, who taught them how to plant corn.
The true story is more complicated. Once you learn about the real Squanto — also known as Tisquantum — you’ll have a great yarn to te…

Town of Lindley,NY Remembers Hometown WWII Heroes


Lindsley Descendants Visit Lindsley Burying Ground Historical Marker

On Monday July 24th , three ( 3 ) of Colonel Eleazer Lindsley's  5th Gt. Grandsons  visited the Town of Lindley's first Historic Marker placed at the Lindsley Burying Ground by the  William G. Pomeroy  Foundation of Syracuse, N.Y.

Rick -Phil and Chuck
As Lindsley descendants, they are interested not only in the Lindsley/ Mulford/ Seelye Genealogies , but the history of the Town of Lindley. It was great having them take time to visit  and to share their families and Lindley history.
"The  Foundation  established the Historic Roadside Marker Grant Program because the trustees Bill ands Sandra Pomeroy feel that the history of our towns and villages are important to preserve.  They, also,  believe it serves to educate the public. " 
 There are several other historic markers in our  area placed by the Foundation , but this was the first in the Town of  Lindley.

Lindley,NY World War II Heroes


Happy 95th Birthday May 9,2017


Tioga RR


 Apologies to publisher of this article .I neglected to make a note of date and origin.

Easter 2017


Local Records #4 Conclusion

The word "Post" in naming the township is spelled without beginning with a capital letter, thus bringing a memorable, historian mark to a common level of fence posts. The writing of the petition indicates practiced hand, word applied and the spelling is correct except as to the word "applyd". The signatures are clear and most of them are businesslike. Evidentally, these signers had been taught penmanship.  The ancient town record, nearly eighty years old is well worth preservation in showing the public spirit of the early settlers, and the earnest effort to secure an important public improvement. In those days much of the travel to the new settlements here came by way of Williamsport, the Block House and the Tioga River. The early settlers encountered great hardships ,and were subjected to much expense in keeping passable the lines of travel.   The first road from what is now Blossburg was on the east side of the Tioga River, probably to avoid building bridges over…

Local Records- #3 Explanations

I have added more explanations in red for those unfamiliar with early local history-Kitty

The old town of Painted Post, then included what is now the territory of six towns,viz.  Lindley, Caton , Corning, Hornby, Erwin and Campbell. The above document evidently originated in Lindley where most of the signatures were procured, but to give it force and ensure compliance , the names of prominent farmers or business men residing in the vicinity of the "Painted post"  were obtained. John Knox was the founder of Knoxville (now called Corning Northside), Capt.Samuel Erwinwasthe grandfatherof Samuel S. Erwin of Corning and was the son ofCol. Arthur Erwin who purchased the wilderness (in 1789 )-- which is now the township of Erwin. Frank Erwin was the brother of Capt. Erwin . Rufus Gorton was for the series of years the owner of Mill property below where the village (Corning )now stands. (Gorton Cemetery is on Park Ave-Corning ). Henry Mc Cormick resided east where Gibson now lies. R…

Local Records Part 2

"The Commissioners of last year for the town of Painted post ordered or reported for the usual sum of two hundred and fifty dollars to be raised for the use of roads and bridges -and on application being made it was agreed by the Board that part of this sum be applyd in opening a road from Lindsleys to Canasteer on the westside of the Tioga River, and let it be discretionary with their successors in office to appropriate the necessary sum for the said work, when they had opportunity of viewing the ground. ---
We ,therefore, whose names are hereby affixed being fully convinced of the publick utility of that Road do hereby request and enjoin the commissioners  immediately to explore and apply such a sum to said Road as they in their discretion may think proper,
Ebenezer Backus, John P. Ryerrs, John Knox, Henry McCormick, Eleazer Lindsley, Ezekiel Mulford , Peter Campbell, William Lindsley, Lindsley Mulford, John Elliott, James Ford, Isaac Halsey,  Frederick Heckart, Jeremiah Mulfo…


This was found on the Fulton web site (a collection of old newspaper copies )  by Larry Gorges a couple years ago.  From The CorningJournal - April 26,1888.
Because it is quite long ,I will be posting it in 3-4 segments. The last posting will have a surprise for some.
    The editor of the Journal is indebted to H.M. McCullough, of the Town of Lindley who resides a mile south of the Presho Post Office for several ancient records of local interest and value.
     Mr. McCullough is the son of Rev. Mr. McCullough, deceased of Tioga, Pa. and great, great grandson of Col. Eleazer Lindsley, the pioneer purchaser and settler in what is now the Town of Lindley. Col. L. was an officer in the Revolutionary War from New Jersey. In 1790, he came with a colony of about 40 persons to settle in the wilderness which he had previously purchased. The New York Civil List states that he was a member of the Assembly in 1792 being the sole representative of the County of Ontario ,from which St…

With Sadness Lest We Forget


Gardiner Island Home of Dr.Mulford's Ancestors


Winter Skies Trivia Question

From Farmer's Almanac  2017 page 100

One reason is that the cold air doesn't have as much moisture as warm air!
Summer skies often appear hazier because actually, they are.
The warm moisture -laden atmosphere of summer is thicker and less transparent, than the crisp, cold winter dome , making it harder to see what lies beyond.

 Any more ,it's hard to tell stars from Satellites

With Sadness

Corning Leader Obituary  Monday February 20,2017

George L.Bronson  94  Died Saturday February 18th,2017 at Soldiers and Sailors Hospital Wellsboro, Pa. There will be no services.

George was the last of the five (5) Bronson brothers who served in WWII. 

Photos courtesy of Janet Warner Miller

Corning Journal (Fulton Archival Newspaper Website)