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Earth Moving Changes in Lindley

Pictures are as follows -

Picture #1 Old 1900's Postcard
Picture #2 Behind former State Line Camping
#3 Smoke after the blast -(I was in wrong position to get full effects of blast - It was a boom!!! - results of blast still being hauled away......... ) #4 Hill in back of Town Hall on Rt. 15 before blast . As can be expected-the scene changes daily -Today , they were working on hill above the "Rocks"
Who says Lindley never changes!!! We now have a 2 lane bridge across river at Lindley (of course someone already had to wipe out the Stop sign at intersection by "Old Town Hall' so caution still advised when crossing the bridge!!!!!) ------ and lights from "Stermer's Hill" to the Green Shingle " on what will eventually be Interstate 99. As the old movies from World War II used to say -- "Time Marches On" A Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosporous New Year to All

The Richard E. Pierce Family