Mother Nature Surprises

The thermometer on the bank by Wegman's read 75 degrees at 2:30 this afternoon. Some different than the pictures of last year about this time.
It is interesting to look back at the newspaper clippings that I save on the weather.
On 3-13/14/1993- the area experienced a whopper of a storm. Our family has vivid memories -as our grandson and grand-daughter were here from Arizona to celebrate her eighth birthday. She had wished for snow. She had her wish and was snowed in for three days. "Be careful what you wish for- it may be more than you expect!!!"
I couldn't copy the pictures on the Leader dated 3-15-1993 but the headlines read "DIGGING OUT
Snow leaves entire area buried; crews may be plowing out all week."
The brutal storm that blanketed the Southern Tier with nearly 2 1/2 feet of snow this weekend left clear,blue skies in its wake on Sunday,but enormous accumulations and huge drifts continue to paralyze the region today forcing many businesses and public agencies to remain closed." Lindley reported 29.5 inches,schools were closed , the Leader was delivered Sunday evening instead of Sunday morning,etc.
So when we wish the Arizona grand-daughter Happy Birthday on March 13th, we remind her of her wish for snow and the 1993-snow storm.
The March 4th ,1994 Leader reported a major snow storm for that date and worried about flooding when the snow melted. A chart showed 80 inches for the area for the 1994 season and a record snow fall of 96 inches for the 1993 season.
The March 6th ,2008 -Leader warns of another storm that could hit Friday.
One wonders if Mother Nature will spare us this kind of headlines for the rest of the month -or will she send us a surprise.

Even if she does-spring is just around the corner.


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