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Earth Moving Changes in Lindley

Pictures are as follows -

Picture #1 Old 1900's Postcard
Picture #2 Behind former State Line Camping
#3 Smoke after the blast -(I was in wrong position to get full effects of blast - It was a boom!!! - results of blast still being hauled away......... ) #4 Hill in back of Town Hall on Rt. 15 before blast . As can be expected-the scene changes daily -Today , they were working on hill above the "Rocks"
Who says Lindley never changes!!! We now have a 2 lane bridge across river at Lindley (of course someone already had to wipe out the Stop sign at intersection by "Old Town Hall' so caution still advised when crossing the bridge!!!!!) ------ and lights from "Stermer's Hill" to the Green Shingle " on what will eventually be Interstate 99. As the old movies from World War II used to say -- "Time Marches On" A Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosporous New Year to All

The Richard E. Pierce Family

Lindley Senior Citizens -Thanksgiving Dinner

The Lindley Senior Citizens met at Rotsell's Snack Shop(formerly Patty T's) in Lawrenceville,Pa for their annual Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday -November 19th.

During the lunch , Tom Rotsell -owner announced that he will be expanding his business at this location after the first of the year. "What goes round-comes round-" This is in close proximity to where Tom operated his first restaurant in Lawrenceville ,Pennsylvania previously.

1946 Flood Photos

Janice (Whitaker) Smith attended the L/P Historical Society meeting Thursday evening and shared these photos with the group. (Thanks,Janice -they have been added to the Lindley bridge files.) With the flood control dams,it is a good feeling to know that these scenes should be a thing of the past. Both the Whitakers and Austins experienced flooding in their stores shortly after purchasing them. The Whitakers in 1946, the Austins in 1950/51. After the 1950/51 flood, the Austins moved their store to the porch of the home next door. In 1955, they relocated to the present U.S. Rt.15. The Whitaker family had closed their business prior to the flood of 1972 which damaged the building to the extent that it had to be demolished. Today- the west end approach to the new 2 lane bridge is located where the Whitaker store stood. The Morgan Creek /old Lindley Roads are experiencng many changes - as they say "even as we speak"

Historian's Open House Reminder

The Lindley Town Hall will be open 1 to 4 Sunday November 22nd,2009 for the
Historian's Open House.

Books,photos and other items from Historian's files will be available for viewing and for research .

The public is invited to attend.

Town of Lindley Blog

Megan Thistle ,Lindley Town Clerk, has resume posting the latest information from the Lindley Town Hall on the Lindley Blog. Learn what is new by clicking on Town of Lindley under Favorites at the end of this page .

Lindley Hamlet gets first 2 lane bridge.

A hamlet is described as a small village -of which the Town of Lindley has two - Lindley and Presho. When the 1946 flood destroyed the bridge in Presho,a two lane bridge was built in that end of town. However for reasons unknown , when a new bridge was built in the hamlet of Lindley in 1989-90 , a one lane bridge was built to replace the 1898 one lane iron bridge(see previous post for postcard picture). Finally,it dawned on someone that when the 1989 -90 bridge was to be replaced,it should be two lanes. So today -11/17/2009 219 years after Colonel Lindsley settled here, the hamlet of Lindley can boast of its first 2 lane bridge-and it is a beauty.
Congratulations to all who worked so hard to make this possible.

As part of the project,the 1898 plaque from the old iron bridge which had been saved is now mounted on posts in the parking area next to the new bridge. Without the help of Jerry Simcoe,Supervisor who voluntarily spent hours removing all the coats of old paint and making the edge…

Lindley Bridge Ribbon Cutting Scheduled

After long months of a detour,the Lindley bridge is scheduled to open
Tuesday November 17th.
There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at 1P.M. after which the bridge will be open.

If all goes as planned,thanks to the efforts of Supervisor Gerald Simcoe,Larry Orr,Bill Reynolds,Dick Pierce,Don Freeland, Ed Howe, the construction crew and (others I may miss naming,) a small bit of Lindley history will be visible.

On Thursday November 19th at 7 P.M, the L/P Historical Society will meet at the Lindley Town Hall. The program will be a brief history of the Lindley bridges. The public as usual is invited to attend.

On Sunday November 22nd, from 1-4 P.M. at the Lindley Town Hall on U.S.Rt.15 there will be an Open House for the Lindley Historian.
Records and files will be available for viewing and for research.

General John E. Mulford

As the Town Historian, I am always curious about the families of our earliest settlers. As a result,I sometimes uncover little known facts about these people and their descendants. Such is the case of General John E.Mulford who was the grandson of Dr. Ezekiel and his wife Nancy (Lindsley) Mulford and the Gt.Grandson of Colonel Eleazer Lindsley (founder of Lindley.)
Recently,the Leader had a small advertisement stating that the home of General Mulford was for sale in the Watkins area. A call to the real estate agent-(Ed Atwell)resulted in his sending photos of the house and the question-"did I know anyone who might be interested in buying the home."
My question was "Who was General Mulford?" A little genealogical research and googling revealed an interesting story.
According to Uri Mulford-(another descendant)who wrote a Mulford genealogy "Colonial Ancestors and Descendants"," General Mulford was the son of Castilla (commonly known as the Major) and Sab…

Remember to vote November 3rd.

Tuesday November 3rd is a local election day. Be sure to exercise your right to vote for the person of your choice. Polls will be open from 6AM to 9 PM at the Lindley Town Hall on U.S. Rt. 15.

While there,check out the new bench purchased from donations to the Veteran's Monument Fund and from the Lindley Town Board . The bench was made by the Amish from recycled material such as used in deck materials. It is maintenance free. In the spring, it will be placed on the lawn in front of the Town Hall . A big thanks to all who supported and donated to the Monument Fund and to the Lindley Town Board members for their assistance and co-operation in this project. And a big thank you to all the members of the Military of Lindley-past and present who help preserve our freedoms.
Note- Bench color is lighter than shown in photo.

Good news -Thomas Overdurf-son of Tracy who administers this blog is home from undergoing extensive surgery in Rochester. A note of cheer to this courageous …

Drastic Changes in Lindley Landscape

Pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

OOP-Wrong Date in Headline

My proof reader husband -Dick -caught my error. The correct date should be August 1882. That will teach me to try typing so late in the evening!!

Have been thinking about this story and the difficult times that our ancestors experienced. The Hills had only had this factory 1 year,when it burned and 6 years later,the sawmill was damaged by floodwaters. So far, I have found no record of whether or not they rebuilt. I have a feeling they didn't as the "old iron bridge" and "new Town Hall(1897)" were built in this vicinity .
The mention of the Lawrenceville Fire Department coming to the rescue ,also, caught my attention. Did the equipment come by railroad,by horses-manpower? How long did it take for them to arrive? Was the equipment like the picture on the wall of the Lindley/Presho Fire Department wall-over kitchen counter ??? So many unanswered questions!!!!
It's sad to think that we don't have more recorded about the "Good Old Days of Lindley…

Factory Burns -- Lindley Bridge Area 1883

Many thanks to Bill Canfield for sharing historical news items that he finds while researching in Corning Library Archives.
The following is about a business located in the vicinity of the Lindley bridge. 1873 maps show the Hill family owning a saw mill, etc in this area.
From the Corning Journal,Corning ,New York Thursday-August 3,1882 P3 Column 4
" The sash,door and blind factory of W.H.Hill& Co.of Lindley ,was burning on Tuesday forenoon. The total loss is over five thousand dollars.There was $2,400 insurance on the building and machinery. The half dozen workmen had been for half an hour in the finishing room in the second story,packing up manufactured articles. There was no one in the workroom below,and the fire began in the end opposite the engine room. When the alarm was given the most of the lower story was in flames as the fire spread rapidly. The workmen hastily escaped. There was no chance to save any of the manufactured articles,the value of which was about $1,400. …

Forward of Comment Letter Ref.L/P School

Note from Kitty- Lindley Historian

This letter was forwarded to me by the Lindley Town Clerk . It expresses ideas for the L/P School if the vote on Corning Painted Post School Faciliies Plan passes in December. A yes vote would mean closing the Lindley/Presho School.

Historical note: From Lindley History - 1990 " "Joseph Miller from Morristown,NJ came with Colonel Lindsley in 1790 and was engaged by Colonel Lindsley to be the first teacher in 1793."
Eventually, the Lindley would have 9 school districts. Under the Painted Post/Corning School Consolidation Program in the 1950's,these nine schools were combined to form the Lindley/Presho School which opened in 1957. In 2007,the School celebrated 5o years of existance.
In 2010,Lindley will be have been settled for 220 years.For over 200 years,the schools in Lindley have been an important asset to the town.

-------- Original Message -------- Subject: Posts on the Historical Society Website
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 200…

Lindley/Presho Historical Society Meeting 10/22/09

The Lindley/Presho Historical Society will meet on Thursday October 22nd,2009
7 P.M. at the Lindley Town Hall on Rt.U.S.15.

Karen(Lundgren)Ballard will give a program on Tracing the Roots of the Lundgren/Johnson Family from Sweden to Lindley,N.Y../ She will,also,share highlights from the 3 day reunion hosted by the Lundgren family in July 2009.

The public is invited to attend.

Hopefully,by then the snow will have disappeared and we will have returned to our normal Fall foliage weather . The date on the snow picture should read October 16,2009 .Winter started early this year!!!!!

Co.Rt 73 Bridge-I 99 Construction

These two pictures were taken on October 4,2009 from west end of new bridge in Lindley . In the distance can be seen the earthwork for I 99 between Toby's curve and the Lindley Town Hall & Postoffice.

1899 flood pictures show a covered bridge over Tioga River here. . Could 2 buggies pass on this????

Closing Lindley/Presho School Environmental Impact

Mary Lentzen Planning Board Chairperson sends a reminder that there will be a meeting in Conference Room at CPP Shool Administration Building on Charles Painted Post on Wednesday October 7th at 6:30 P.M..
There will be a presentation on the environmental impact of the proposed plans for the school district which comes up for a vote in December.

Following - the public will be allowed to voice their concerns.

If you have questions about how the closing of the Lindley/Presho School will impact and change that neighborhood and community -this would be the time to voice your concerns.

At present - Lindley Zoning has only 2 zones-Agricultural and Residential.

So far, the School District has not announced their plans for this building after it is closed as they have for the other sites.

Dick Riffle Part VII

In Dick's last writing-he had talked about the southwest corner of Morgan Creek/ Lindley Road (old U.S. Rt. 15 ) business (where trucking business is now located-Editor note)
" On the other corner(northwest ) was the Merton and Edna Manley store.(later Whitaker-now the approach to new bridge-Editor note ).They were very nice people and very well thought of in the community. In those days, the grocer wrapped up some of your purchases in heavy white wrapping paper and tied a string around it.It was a joke in town that Merton was very slow in wrapping packages or cutting cheese. Pete Miller,the town jokester ,said," Merton had a new round of cheese and I asked him to cut a couple pounds for me. He was so slow by the time he got it cut,it had turned moldy" "

The other two business places were Lee and Mary Buckley's gas station and grocery store - formerly owned by Frank Odle.(at the west end of the bridge removed this summer--Editor note .) Wiiliam Pryne's g…

Work on Lindley Bridge Progresses

Concrete on the new Lindley bridge has been poured. Opening expected late October.

The beginnings of last 5 miles of I99 in New York State

Ground breaking for I 99 near Green Shingles Inn on U.S. RT.15.
Completion in Summer of 2012 predicted.

A much safer highway,we hope..

29+ years - U.S. Rt.15-- 4 Lane Highway Finally Coming!!!-- History Repeats

Today's Corning Leader(9/20/09 has an article in a corner on the front page stating
"Groundbreaking for U.S.15 Expansion Set"

The ceremony will be at 11 A.M. at the Intersection of Rt.15 and the Watson Creek Road.

This construction will be the future I 99 and is the 5 mile section of the present 2 lane highway in the Town of Lindley. In 1970,4 lanes were completed to Presho and in 2008, Pennsylvania opened an 80 mile - 4 lane section from Williamsport to Lawrenceville,Penna. Pennsylvania, also, continued the 4 lanes into New York State one mile (1) to the Rt. 15 and Watson CreeK Road Intersection as part of the I-99 Project. So the only section still 2 lanes is from Presho to the Watson Creek Road --the scene of numerous accidents over the years. .

The project is expected to be finished in 2012.

An interesting fact found in the Wellsboro,Pennsylvania Green Library Newspaper Archives The Wellsboro Agitator dated August 8,1927 has the headlines The Work Drags on the Pres…

Lindley/Presho Historical Society Meeting 9/24/09

The Lindley/Presho Historical Society will meet Thursday September 24th -7 P.M. At the Lindley Town Hall on U.S. Rt15.
The program will be Mysteries of the Mulford Family. Dr. Ezekiel and his wife Nancy (Lindsley )Mulford were members of the first group of settlers who arrived with Col. Eleazer Lindsley at the new settlement -Lindsleytown,New York in June,1790. Dr. Mulford and Nancy would die one day apart in 1813 from a contagious epidemic that spread throughout the new settlement. Dr. and Mrs. Mulford are buried in the same grave in the Lindsley Burying Ground on old Rt.15. Some of their descendants still reside in the area. A mystery involving the descendants will be presented at the meeting.

Co. Rt.73 Bridge Progress


CPP School District-- Proposed new Facility Plans -Lindley/Presho School

Representatives from the Corning /Painted Post School Administration will be presenting a program on the proposed changes to the schools in the Corning/Painted Post School District .

One of the changes will be closing the Lindley-Presho Elementary School and bussing these students to Calvin U. Smith School in Riverside.

When : Tuesday September 29, 2009
Where : Lindley -Presho School
Time : 6 P.M.

There will be a time for questions from the public following the program.

Mark your calendars and prepare your questions.

See you there.
Photo shown is the Lindley Central School which was destroyed in 1972 flood . It was located near the new wetland/boatlaunch area on Lindley Road (old U.S. Rt.15)

Looking for Lindley Photos

I am wondering if anyone has a picture of the cheese factory mentioned in Dick Riffle's latest story. It would be about the same place as the present truck terminal on south corner of Morgan Creek Road and Lindley Road.

During WWII ,there was an Honor Roll with names of Lindley's servicemen(perhaps women,too) in about this same location. June( Ball )Neally remembered her Father-- Herman Ball painting it. If anyone has a picture of the Honor Roll, I would like to add it to the collection of pictures of Lindley servicemen now on display in the Lindley Town Hall.

Be sure to check out all the pictures in the Town Hall Lobby and Meeting Room. The collection continues to grow.

By clicking on my profile on this page, you will find my e-mail address listed.

Catherine (Kitty )Pierce Lindley Historian

West end new Lindley Bridge on 8/23/09 and Last Remains of Young's Barns at Hawbaker Gravel Pit on 8/24/09


Dick Riffle Memories- Part V1

A Blacksmith Shop was the next building owned by George Morse (Morris).His home was across the street from the shop. He was a good blacksmith and I remember taking our horses to him to be shod. His son,George,Jr.worked on the town road crew. One day the dump truck had dumped a load of gravel and a rock got stuck under the truck bed. George reached in to loosen the rock and the truck bed came crashing down on his head,killing him instantly. It was a sad day for his parents and the community.
George Senior was,also,the Town Marshall. An incident related to this happened during a town election. About a mile past the Morgan House on Morgan Creek Road,lived three(3)bachelor brothers,Bill,Herb and Dan Driscoll. They were inclined to "hit the bottle" a bit heavy at times. During the election time,Herb was getting a bit noisy and his language a bit bad. George tried to tone hin down a little but Herb got louder. George sidled up to him and said "Now,Herb if you don't quiet…

Lindley Bridge Construction and Young-Hawbaker Gravel Pit

Have you ever noticed it's hard to make a straight bridge?
First girders in place Friday August 21,2009
Bridge approach on west end.

Gravel pit- no comment.

Dick Riffle Part V

( Continuing down Morgan Creek Road)
Just before reaching the Town Hall("old"),on the right side lived another Civil War veteran,Ami Allen. He would shape the bank of the nearby creek with a shovel and keep the stream clean. When we boys would stop on the dirt road and start throwing rocks in the creek ,he would come roaring out of his house and yell at us,"You boys stop throwing stones in my creek!" He had lost an eye in the war and suffered a leg injury which made him limp the rest of his life. There was another Civil War Veteran next to the Lindley School. His name was Mr. French.
Next to the Town Hall, was a grocery store owned by my great uncle Tom Harrison. When the store closed,it was bought by a single lady who became known as the "Cat Lady". She had dozens of cats and when she died they found the remains of about 40 cats in the basement. The building later became a tavern, "The Green Shingle Inn". It burned in the 1930's,but was rebu…

New information about Hill Store Photo

A photo on a postcard of the former Hill store on corner of Morgan Creek Road and Old Rt.15 was posted January 26,2009. In reviewing the older blogs,I just read a comment by Judson(Bill)Kennedy in March,2009. I apologize for not seeing it sooner.

Thanks-Bill, all new information about Lindley history is always appreciated. To learn about the identity of the person in the picture-please scroll back to the January Post by clicking on older posts. It will tell you that this is Bill's grandfather Judd(Beckwith)Kennedy and tells how Bill learned the identity.

This information will be attached to the picture in the town files.
Kitty Pierce Lindley Historian.

Dick Riffle Story Part IV

To continue with People of of Lindley 1922-1940-as I knew Them by Dick Riffle .(refer back to Part III-Older Posts)

Next to them was Bill and Mary Passmore. He was the station agent at the Lindley railroad station. Mary was English and proudly called attention to her English Coat of Arms hanging on the wall.Rutty was their only child. Mary was very protective of him and never allowed him to leave the yard. This became an aggravation to him and at the age of 14 ran away from home. The police found him in Washington,D.C.. Shortly after high school,Rutty began to publish a newspaper called the " Bi -State Express". I helped him by getting paid ads from the local merchants in Lindley and Lawrenceville.When I went to work for the Ingersoll-Rand, Bertha Ayres became his assistant publishing the paper. Dick Peer,Corning Leader columnist, wrote several articles about Rutty and his paper. One of Dick's articles told how Rutty had related to him how he loved to roam the hills hunt…