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Col ( Gen ) John Taylor or George Washington Taylor

"Col (Gen) John Taylor moved to Steuben in 1797 {recorded in the 'Centenial History of Bath' }. Having served as commanding officer of the 4th Hunterdon Militia NJ, he like many others found after the war that their debts incurred in supporting their men in the field were called due, and with the loss of value of the Continental currency, were forced to sell everything they owned to pay off the debts. Faced with mounting debts, and left with no more possessions to sell, Col. Taylor left his home and moved north to Steuben with two of his children. Shortly after arriving, he married Mary Miller Lindsley, widow of a fellow NJ Militia officer, and lived in Lindley until her death in 1806. Although his grave or circumstances of his death are unknown, an obituary in the Geneva Gazette of 25 Dec 1811, gives his date of death as 4 Dec 1811 and a location as 'probably in Bath'. The two children who moved to NY with him lived in or near Bath at the time. They were Elizabeth Ann {Taylor} Cameron, wife of Dugald Cameron, agent for the Pultney Estate, and George Washington Taylor who married Elizabeth Christina Clement, grand-daughter of Henry A Townsend. George was a noted merchant, and at least two of his sons, Nathaniel Carr Taylor, and William Boyd Taylor, both of Canisteo followed in his footsteps. George and Elizabeth had 12 children, many of whom are buried in Hillside Cemetery near Canisteo"

* From Kitty Lindley Historian Since becoming Lindley Town Historian ,I have had several queries regarding Col. Taylor and his connection to the Lindsley family. The 1990 Lindley History, makes brief reference to the Lindsley/Taylor marriage and there are deeds showing that Col.Taylor purchased land from the Lindsley descendants. Otherwise-the Lindley Historian's files have little information on this subject and would welcome any input.
After her first husband's death-(Col. Lindsley), Mary kept a tavern in Lindley (site not specifically known). The site of her burial place is, also, not known.
It is interesting to note that the Steuben County Historical Society is named for Col.Taylor's son-in-law Dugard Cameron.


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