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Caton telephone Bill 1926-7

From the Historian Files

Everything is relative, but imagine having a telephone bill this small.
Click on bill to enlarge .

From An Old Postcard

From Members of the Lindley-Presho Historical Society

Happy Thanksgiving

The Mayflower dropped anchor at Provincetown, MA

21 November, 1620

Did you know these facts?

102 passengers
65 day journey
The English ship "The Mayflower" was built to transport wine.
37 from Leiden Congregation
William Bradford referred to the Leiden Separatists as "Pilgrims"
2 people died on the trip
Oceanus Hopkins was born at sea
Peregrine White was born when they were off Cape Cod
John Carver was elected First Governor by the pilgrims
Stephen Hopkins was elected Assistant Governor
(Pilgrims reached Plymouth, MA 26 December, 1620)

Mayflower Compact
 "plantation covenant" formed after Separatist Church convenant.
(Signed on board the Mayflower)

This agreement was written because the English Separatists,
Puritan Pilgrims believed that some of the non-Separatists, or "Strangers,"
would defy them if they landed in a place other than the land grant they had received
from the London Company. (Their grant was in Virginia.)
The compact became the basis…

Lindley RR Depot 1904

When I posted the photos of the Railroad depots in Lindley/Presho, I asked if anyone had information on the depot that was located by the Lindley bridge .

Thanks to Larry Gorges, I think the mystery has been solved. THANKS LARRY

Larry forwarded a copy of an article from The Corning Journal - Wednesday January 18,1904 pg 5. Below is a copy of the attachment that he sent.

" New Station At Lindley "
The New York Central Railroad Company has built a new passenger station at Lindley, about a half mile north of the old station which latter has been abandoned .The giving up of the old station was opposed by some of the most influential ciitizens of the village on the ground that the change of the site would not be so convenient to the people. The matter was taken before the State Railroad Commission ,which decided in favor of the Company ".
The new station was located in back of the "Station" or River Road School at the west end of the Church Creek Road. The depot is no…

Blacksmith Shop Program

Please join members of the Lindley -Presho Historical Society on Thursday November 17th for this interesting program .
Leon Golder will be presenting a program on the Patterson Inn Blacksmith Shop on November17th ,7 P.M. at the Lindley Town Hall for members of the Lindley-Presho Historical Society. His program will tell the history of the shop that was moved from Beaver Dams,N.Y. to the Corning location.
Mr.Golder is ,also, researching the names of blacksmiths and the location of their shops in the Lindley. Anyone with information pertaining to former blacksmith shops in Lindley is invited to come and share the history of these shops.
The meeting is free ,and open to the public

The photo was taken at Lindley Old Home Day 9-2010 . Left to right are
Larry Orr observing John Fee, Henry Offerman ( Blacksmiths)

Veteran's Day Lights

Veteran's Day Lights - Park Avenue Corning

Taken 11/11/11 at 1 am

Election Results

Lindley Election Results:

Gerald Simcoe, Republican, won the town supervisor position with 232 votes.

Megan Thistle, Republican, won the town clerk position with 251 votes.

Patrick Clark, Republican with 209 votes, and
Linda Salyerds, Republican with 168 votes, won the councilman positions.

Harry Pierce, Republican with 225 votes, and a write-in candidate with 22 votes took the assessor positions for the town.

A write-in candidate took the superintendent of highways position with 117 votes, unopposed.

*Write in names will be released on November 21, 2011.

Salute A Veteran Tomorrow

Reminder -Attend a Veteran's Ceremony tomorrow November 11th, 2011

There will be various activities held at local American Legion and Veteran's of Foreign Wars Posts , the Veteran's facility in Bath and other locations.

The Corning American Legion and Veteran's of Foreign Wars Posts are hosting a ceremony at the Civil War Monument on Park Avenue in Corning at 10:40 and 11:00 AM . (see article Corning Leader 11/10/2011 ). This monument was dedicated 100 years ago - and the two organizations are planning the ceremony to celebrate this anniversary.

Lindley RR Depots from the Historian's files

This is a clearer photo of the Lawrenceville RR Station and information about the depot in back of the River Road (Station School) . This depot was moved by Warren Stuart and serves as the Living Room of the home on the north side of Church Creek Road and River Road.
Recycling is not new !

Did you know trains from Elmira backed into the Lawrenceville.Pa from Tioga Junction
(Williamson School area ) ?

From an old RR Schedule -there was a depot on the East end of the Lindley bridge. However, I do not have a good photo of this. Does anyone have information on that depot?
Wonder who the men were on the platform of the Presho Station ?

PS. Until 1888, Presho was called Erwin Centre. According to the 1990 Lindley History, Thomas J. Presho became the first RR Station agent there. The area became known as Presho to honor it's public spirited citizen for his efforts.

Dick Riffle Reminisces Abour RR's

This is from Dick Riffle -age 93 who grew up in Lindley . He now resides in the State of Washington, is still very active and a wonderful source of information about Lindley during the time that he lived here. Many of today's residents will recall his brother- Henry Riffle.

In one of the frequent E-mails that we exchange,I made a comment about how long the trains that run through Lindley have become due to the recent increase in gas drilling business in Tioga/BradfordCounties ,Penna.

I think you will enjoy the reply that he wrote .

You sparked a "memory" when you mentioned the railroad passenger trains. I have a photo of the old Lindley railroad station. Did I ever send that to you ? My Mother used to take me to Corning once in a while on the passenger train. They were coal-burning engines.. Passenger cars were hot inside. No air conditioning except to open a window. I remember a cinder came in the open window one time and got into my eye. It was fortunate that it had coole…

Meet The Candidates Evening

On Thursday evening October 27th,2011, The Lindley -Presho Historical Society hosted a program where Town of Lindley voters were invited to meet the men and women seeking election in the town on November 8th,2011.

All 9 of those seeking office were present. Each candidate spoke for a brief time and the audience asked questions after all candidates had had a chance to speak.

Unfortunately,the weather did not co-operate-sending the first snow storm of the Fall season.
However, attendance was great-considering!!!
All in all, it was an interesting and informative evening.

For those who didn't venture out -above are some photos taken that evening .

Opps - the computer always reverses the way I hope to print the pictures-so

Looking at the pictures from bottom to top and left to right -the candidates and offices were :
Photo #3 on bottom
William Peoples,Jr - Steuben County Legislature , Raymond Walch -Steuben County Legislature, Gerald Simcoe- Town of Lindley Supervisor, Megan Thistle -Town of …