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Who was Thomas J. Presho?

Presho Monument Presho Cemetery FromRobert's Historical  Gazetteer of Steuben County Part I  1891
         "Thomas J., son of Josiah N.  and Betsy (Curtis) Presho, was born in Broome County, N.Y., August 21,1828.The family lived at Dalton, near Pittsfield, Mass., prior to their settlement in Broome County. The subject of this notice, after a residence of some years in Bradford County, Pa. came to Erwin Centre (now Presho) in 1855, where he engaged in the grocery business, and , also,  dealt extensively in lumber. Through his influence, a switch was put in at that point, from which time to time was lengthened as business required until it is now nearly a mile in length. On the establishment of a station there, he was appointed station agent, was the first telegraph operator, and has been postmaster for eight years regardless of changes in administration.(*At that time, the Town of Lindley had two PostOffices) For two terms, he has represented his town on the Board of Superviso…

Tidbits of Lindley/Presho Post Offices

Interesting Tidbits about the Postal System in
Steuben County, Lindley and Presho, New York
Steuben County
1836- Steuben County had 37 Post Offices and 9 post villages (a community, settlement or hamlet that has a Post Office. (A rural neighborhood.) *12
1837- Mail was being transported by Railroads. *13
1840- 41 –The local post office was moved from Centerville (Riverside) to Corning where a bridge across the Tioga River had been built and stage coach drivers with mail were encouraged to use this route.* 6
1851 – List of 74 post offices in Steuben County* 11
1860 –Prior to Civil War, Post office was the largest organization in the United States.*12
1891 –Mail was still being delivered by Stage Coaches.
1910 –Present Corning Post Office opened.*12
1930’s – Works Progress Administration (WPA) under FDR, financed the painting ofmurals in Post Offices. The one in the Painted Post- Post Officeis labeled Recording the Victoryand shows aNative American adding marks on a post.*( Internet)
2000 – About…

A Quick Glimpse of U.S. Postal History

With the future of the Lindley, N.Y. Post Office on the minds of most Lindley residents, it seemed like an appropriate time to research the history of the United States Postal System. The sources of the information found will follow a short history on Postal Service in Steuben County and Lindley in the next blog posting.
As long as I can remember, I have heard the following quote in relation to Post Office service.(“There is no mortal thing faster than these messengers-neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”) While the motto is used in connection with the U.S. Post Office Service –would you believe? , it was written in 500 B.C. by the Greek historian, Herodatus about the Persian Postal System??*1
There are many important dates in this country’s Postal Service, but only the more interesting ones will be mentioned here.
1639 – The first record was when the Massachusetts Colony gave permission to a local…

From Town of Lindley blog Concerns All Lindley Residents

Lindley Post Office Community Meeting July 21st at Lindley Town Hall
Attention all who utilize the Lindley Post Office
The US Postal Service will be holding a Community MeetingMonday, July 21st at 6:00 pm at the Lindley Town Hall, 637 US 15, Lindley NY 14858to answer questions about possible discontinuation of US Post Office Services in the town of Lindley
Options being considered by the Post Office include:
1). keeping the Post Office open limited hours.
2). stopping US Post Office Services and allowing a local town business to offer limited services.
3). closing the Post Office and having customers purchase mail delivery services through a carrier, or
4). relocating Post Office Box service to another location.
Surveys due back to the Post Office by July 7th are available at the Lindley Post Office counter, if you do not receive one in the mail.  All interested parties are requested to attend.
Gerald Simcoe, Lindley Town Supervisor
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Some Interesting Facts About Tobacco Growing in Lindley

After posting the photo of Don Gorges in his Father's tobacco field,(June 25,2014-blog),I remembered writing the following report. I hope it helps explain a little of why tobacco was such an important part of Lindley's agricultural history.

Tobacco growing was a major”cash” crop from about 1864 to 1948/9.(Most of the other crops raised were used to maintain the farm.)
Tobacco growing was a family affair with wives and children assisting in the process.
In 1864, 5000 pounds of tobacco were grown in Lindley.
  Profits from a tobacco crop afforded the grower a means of having cash for paying his taxes, buying land or even a car.
A tobacco crop was usually 2 to 10 acres.
  Prices ranged from 3 1/2 cents to 33 cents a pound.
One acre could produce 1200 to 1500 pounds.
  Weather and tobacco worms could destroy a crop and the grower’s dreams.
Tobacco grown in Lindley was ideal for the manufacture of cigars.
The Civil War generated a demand for more tobacco, but …