Lindley Honors Employees for Service

Apologies for not posting a notice last week about a ceremony that was held last Saturday January 14th. at the Lindley Town Hall.
The purpose of the ceremony was to recognize the long service time of several town employees who resigned in 2011. Rrecognized were - Guy Hill, Assessor Chairman; Pam (Clarkson) Smith, Deputy Town Clerk; Paul Stermer, Councilman; Herb Eldridge and Alan Neal ,Highway Department and Cindy Stermer ,Custodian. Later this year, Dick Johnson ,Highway Superintendent will be honored for his years of service. These employees had service time from 11 to 37 years. About 40 relatives and friends gathered to thank these dedicated and committed people for their services to the Town of Lindley.
Unfortunately, many of those to be honored , were unable to attend . Hopefully,I can post a photo of Guy and Pam who were there as well as a photo of Richard Biggio,Supervisor-2010-2011 and Gerald Simcoe present Supervisor. They presented certificates to those being honored.
If you know or see those who were honored ,let them know you appreciate their efforts and services to the community.
It does take commitment.


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