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Dennis Abbey -Adventure Photos with Dot 1 2011

This week ,Dennis was able to accompany DOT workers who are taking core samples on the I99 Corridor construction. This is done to insure the build up from last summer's construction is firm enough to continue. Photos as placed by computer are from top to bottom by #
#5 Snow scene looking east from in back of the Lindley Town Hall #4. 1900's postcard looking southeast -(note all the tobacco barns ) #3. A pull to the top of the new construction (not my idea of fun) #2. Core drilling equipment #1. Core sample All in a days way for the DOT crew. Many thanks to Dennis for sharing. Kitty

Lindley/Presho Senior Citizens Meet

A few members of the Lindley-Presho Senior Citizens braved the weather last Thursday to meet at the now closed Lindley/Presho School Building- available to community groups as a meeting place at no charge. Although few in number, the group enjoyed some lively discussions and stories as well as a great lunch from the dish to pass menu. The Senior Citizens meet the second Thursday of each month at noon for lunch and anticipate being able to use the school as a meeting place in the future. The next meeting will be February 10th, 2011 from 12 noon until 3 P.M. at the school building . Those who attend are asked to please bring a dish to pass and their table service. The program for the February meeting will be an Open House with time after lunch for visiting with old friends, neighbors and new acquaintances. There will be cards and various other games available for those who wish to participate. Anyone in the area 55 and older is invited to join the group and participate in its activities…

Second Iron Bridge,Tannery Creek Lindley,Ny

This old postcard was donated to the Lindley Historian files by Clifford Davis. The postmark on this one is dated Nov.21,???. However,the same postcard in the Harold Pierce postcard collection is dated Jan.17,1916. Was the bridge near the Davis road and how did the road follow the south side of the creek ??? The photo was taken by S.E. Hartman. Does any one have more information?
I recall my Mother saying that there were something like 13/15 bridges on Tannery Creek. ( I should have paid more attention as a child!!!)
I am assuming the first iron bridge was the Lindley hamlet bridge built in 1898. (see older posts )
In the Pierce collection is a photo of the "store and postoffice " (corner of Old Rt.15 and present Morgan Creek Rd.-(see older posts ) postmarked 1910. This was, also, taken by S.E. Hartman .
As usual -I am curious to learn more about the bridge location and S.E.Hartman . Did he have a local photography business ? If so where was it located.
Once again-more questions…