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1810 Census - Painted Post - Eleazer Lindsley



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A Word from the Lindley Historian

Welcome to the Lindley-Presho Historical Society blog. Hopefully, readers will find the contents interesting and in turn this will encourage the sharing of more historical information. While it is unrealistic to collect every tiny bit of Lindley history, the Society and myself (as town historian) hope to document and preserve as much as possible. A considerable amount of documentation was done in 1990 when the Lindley Heritage Committee published the book Lindley Looking Back 200 years to help celebrate Lindley’s 200th anniversary. However, this was “only the tip of the iceberg” as the saying goes.

A little background on our community.

In 2010,Lindley will celebrate 220 years of existence. In 1790, founder Eleazer Lindsley with a group of about 40 friends and members of his family left the security of homes in New Jersey to journey about 250 miles by land and water to start new homes in a wilderness on the Tioga River in New York State near the Pennsylvania State Line. The settlement co…

Hill's Store

This post card was the center of some discussion at our last meeting - Hill's Store was located at the end of Morgan Creek Rd. Circa 1910 and was destroyed by fire.

If anyone has information on this store or the other businesses located in this vicinity let us know.

January 22, 2009 Historical Society Meeting

Last Thursday evening we had the pleasure of having, Twila O'Dell, Steuben County Historian, and Eleanor Sillman from the historian's office in attendance. Thank you & come back again ladies. During the meeting we had a great discussion on local history, local sights, research tips, and exchanged ideas on what the group can do in the future.

Mark your calendar's - don't miss the February 26th meeting!

Lindley View Postcard

Another view of Lindley from a different angle. The post mark is not clear appears to be 1900 or 1909. Note all the barns and sheds in the photo! Perhaps the long barn on the far left was a tobacco barn?? Make sure to click on the picture to see an enlarged view.

Steuben County Offices - 1964

The Lindley listing in this booklet are:Supervisor - Herbert Abbey LA-38812Town Clerk - Frank Hakes LA-38858Tax Collector - Frank Hakes LindleySuper of Highways - Gerald Davis RD2 CorningAssessors - Tracy Rumsey RD1 Painted Post, Percy King RD2 Corning, Rodney Rouse RD1 Painted PostJustice of the Peace - Gary Fisk RD1 Lindley, Elroy Young RD1 Lindley Councilmen - Clarence Brandt (correct spelling Brant) Box 203 Lindley, Wendell Bronson LindleyConstable - Truman Gigee Lindley

Birds Eye View - Lindley NY

Picture postcard probably taken from Fairview Cemetery -looking southeast over Lindley Community Church.
Note the denuded hills from lumbering days. The barn in foreground is about where Stateline Camping is now located. Shed in back of Church would be for horses