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Co.Rt 115 Bridge opening ceremony 11/18/2010

Out with the old - in with the new.
The 1941 bridge over the Cowanesque River between the Town of Lindley ,N.Y. and Lawrenceville,Penna. has been replaced with a new,modern structure . The Lawrenceville Child Care Center are the first to officially cross the bridge .Will they remember this big event in their lives??

Bridge Opening

On Thursday November 18th,2010 ,the new bridge on Steuben County Rt.115 (formerly U.S. Rt.15) will be open to traffic in a ceremony at 1 P.M. The old bridge over the Cowanesque River has been replaced with a new modern structure . Gone is the picturesque bridge that endured the 2 lanes of traffic of Rt.15 all these years until Lawrenceville ,Penna. was by passed with the new 4 lanes of traffic on what will be I 99 in the future-(2015?????) . I doubt that it will be missed by the drivers of the big semi trucks who had to negotiate it -side by side.

Local political dignitaries will be present to give speeches and to cut the ribbon. Local residents who have detoured all summer will give a sigh of relief to see the bridge reopened.

Documentation of Several of the Earliest Local Inns.

History and Genealogy are like putting a puzzle together with several others. Little by little pieces of information are located that help complete the big picture.

According to stories told by my paternal Gt.Aunt ,the home where she lived with her first husband -Ed Shoemaker in East Corning had been an Inn on the Feeder Canal that went from Gibson to Horseheads. Unfortunately, my efforts to document this fact were fruitless until I met the author of following article. Nancy was tracing an inn owned by her ancestors which seemed to be in approximately the same location. Due to her research and diligence ,she was able to locate pieces of information that lead us to believe the inn was owned by both families .
Credit ,also, goes to a member-Sylvia Radford of the Big Flats Historical Society who uncovered more documentation recently. She remembered a query that I had made regarding the inn and located more information in the Big Flats Museum Archives.

It is interesting to note the number …