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Local Records Part 2

"The Commissioners of last year for the town of Painted post ordered or reported for the usual sum of two hundred and fifty dollars to be raised for the use of roads and bridges -and on application being made it was agreed by the Board that part of this sum be applyd in opening a road from Lindsleys to Canasteer on the westside of the Tioga River, and let it be discretionary with their successors in office to appropriate the necessary sum for the said work, when they had opportunity of viewing the ground. ---
We ,therefore, whose names are hereby affixed being fully convinced of the publick utility of that Road do hereby request and enjoin the commissioners  immediately to explore and apply such a sum to said Road as they in their discretion may think proper,
Ebenezer Backus, John P. Ryerrs, John Knox, Henry McCormick, Eleazer Lindsley, Ezekiel Mulford , Peter Campbell, William Lindsley, Lindsley Mulford, John Elliott, James Ford, Isaac Halsey,  Frederick Heckart, Jeremiah Mulfo…


This was found on the Fulton web site (a collection of old newspaper copies )  by Larry Gorges a couple years ago.  From The CorningJournal - April 26,1888.
Because it is quite long ,I will be posting it in 3-4 segments. The last posting will have a surprise for some.
    The editor of the Journal is indebted to H.M. McCullough, of the Town of Lindley who resides a mile south of the Presho Post Office for several ancient records of local interest and value.
     Mr. McCullough is the son of Rev. Mr. McCullough, deceased of Tioga, Pa. and great, great grandson of Col. Eleazer Lindsley, the pioneer purchaser and settler in what is now the Town of Lindley. Col. L. was an officer in the Revolutionary War from New Jersey. In 1790, he came with a colony of about 40 persons to settle in the wilderness which he had previously purchased. The New York Civil List states that he was a member of the Assembly in 1792 being the sole representative of the County of Ontario ,from which St…

With Sadness Lest We Forget


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