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Town of Llndley Historian's List of Korean Veterans

I know this  is not a complete list but it is what was in the  Lindley Historian's files.   October 2007  when the  Lindley Veteran's monument was dedicated.            Kitty

Korean Veterans June 25th, 1950 ,–Jan 31,1955

Y indicates deceased in 2007       
 Some of those listed are no longer with us.


Last            First  M.I.            Rank          Service                 Dec.


Aldrich                  Earl       R.                            Sgt.                         Army     11/7/193 -        10/25/1996 


Allen                      Glenn  “Popeye”            Chief Petty Officer  Navy


Ayres                     Raymond   (Bub)


Ball                        Frank


Brant                     Merlyn  L. (drafted 3/30/1951)    2nd.Div.38thInf. Regt Army  P.H           11/17/1985      


Brietwise              Stewart                                                                  Army     7/4/1929-                      9/29/2001    


Brown                   Stanley                  (Entered1953)                    Marines


Carlton                 Robert  R.                                             A3C  Air Force    12/10/1938-               1/16/1996        


Clark                     Eugene                                                                               5/8/1936-                 1/27/1986                            


Connelly               Joe                         1951-1955   Boilerman    Navy




Davis                     Clifford                                     Fireman 1st                    Navy


Drake                    Dale                       B29 Mechanic     AFC     Air Force


Dunning                Lawrence                                                             Army


Fisk                     Gary  A.               SP3 U.S.                           Army       6/201934-                       4/1/2000            


Galligan               Charles                 J


Hakes                    James                                                                                    8/12/1926-                       4/15/2000 


Heffner                 Edward


Herrick                     Alton                                                                  Army


Hill                         Guy                                                                        Army


Huels                     Elmer


Humphrey            Richard  A.                                                           Air Force.


Landis                   Charles


Lawrence             Lewis                                                                     Army  Eng.


Loughridge          Thomas                 (entered June 12,1952)     Cpl.  Army  ( Wounded)


Larrison               Robert                   (entered Aug 1953)            Army 9th Inf   Ft. Dix


Lundgren             Ralph                                                                     Army


Mc Donald           Matthew                                                                A2nd  Air Force 1922-              1995


Munn                     Charles  N.


Murphy                 Michael L                                   1955-57           Navy


Peaslee                  Gerald                                           10/1955  2yr. Active &  Reserves


Pierce                    Richard E.   (entered   1951-1955)   AM 1st   Air Force


Richardson          George                                                                  Navy (Retired)


Riffle                     Robert                                                                   Air Force


Rumsey                 Tracy


Rose                       Laverne,D. Jr.                                                     Navy


Russell                   Gilbert                                                                  Air Force


Smith                     Jack                                    1950-1954               Seabees


Smith                     John C. Jr.                                                                           1/26/1930-                       3/12/1995 


Starr                      Frederick                             (Sampson)            Air Force


Strimple                Blaine                                        1953                          Air Force


Terwilliger          Donald                                  1957-1961            Air Force                                              1991      


Totten                    Lionel  E.


Towner                 Gerald                                                                   Army  P.H                                            Y


Walch                    Richard C.                                                            Navy                                                  Y


Wilson                   Claude                   (entered Nov. 1950)                                                                           Y











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First "Town Meeting" in what is now Steuben County,NY

There is considerable interest in the  United States elections in
 November - 2016 .
In 1791, settlers in the Land of Painted Post as it was then called held a election which undoubtedly  was the topic of conversation for quite sometime.. and it's all documented in local histories.

The following is copied from the History of Steuben County, New York and Its People  by Near   1911  Vol.1 page 135

                              "First Legislative Representative

                  On the first Tuesday in April 1791, the first "Town Meeting" in what is now Steuben County was held. It took place at Painted Post, and the organization effected embraced all the settlements in the county organized five years later. In March,1791, the legislature of New York had given to Ontario county the right to elect a member of the assembly .
                 Turner in his valuable "History of Phelps and Gorham Purchase " says of this first election in Ontario county :"Although not entitled by population in 1791, by special act of the legislature, Ontario county was given representation in the Assembly. This was not known to the new settlements of Canandaigua ,Geneva or their neighborhood, but in the smaller settlements that had commenced on the Canisteo in what is now Steuben County, they were in possession of the fact. " How the wide awake dwellers on the Canisteo, Tioga ,Conhocton and Chemung rivers in the old territory of Painted Post, came to get this fact so early, and before the settlers of the upper or northern Ontario is told in a letter to Eleazer Lindsley by Judge Britton Paine, who appears to have been a very wide awake man of affairs. It was written on March 23,1791 , and says: "I have just returned from New York ,where I learned the legislature has granted a member of the legislature for the county of Ontario.  Therefore, it becomes necessary to have a town meeting, in order to elect town officers on the first Tuesday in April, to the end that you may hold an election on the first Tuesday in April to  elect a such a member to the assembly"
       At that time there was but one post office in the State of New York, and that was at the City of New York.  There were then no mail routes, no mail carriers and no means of disseminating intelligence or news except by private enterprise and expense. It may be reasonably concluded, that no means was taken to inform the north country.  The election was held and the result was that  ELEAZER LINDSLEY was chosen as a member of the Assembly for Ontario County, and as such, sat in the fifteenth session of the legislature for the State of New York that met in that metropolis in 1792.  Colonel Lindsley had considerable experience in New Jersey politics, having been a member of the legislature of that state for several terms, which well fitted him for the business at hand.  By reason of this early election and representation, Painted Post was, for a time at least, and to all intents and interests and purposes, the most important of all places in western New York ; in fact the capital town, much to the mortification of the silk-stocking, kid gloved, aristocratic denizens of the up -country."

My notes --Kitty
 In the Steuben County histories by Clayton, Hakes and Roberts, it was reported that in 1792 - Issac I. Chapin was elected to the New York State legislature to replace Colonel  Lindsley by the northern settlements . Lindsley was again elected in 1793  and died June 4, 1794 .
 He is buried in the Lindley Burying Ground  County- Rt.115 in Lindley,NY- a community that he founded in June 1790 with family and friends .
Lindsley Burying Ground

Can't you just imagine the up roar this probably caused?  Even without the Media -TV coverage ,polls ,etc. 

Who says history has to be boring???