Announcemments and Dick Riffle's Flood Memories

Thanks to Dennis Abbey for the great photo as costruction began on future I99 west of present U.S. Rt.15.
As reference - former State Line Camping Buildings are in bottom left corner of photo. I understand those buildings will be removed for the bridge over Morgan Creek Road.

On Thursday evening April 26, 7 P.M. at the Lindley Town Hall-the Lindley/Presho Historical Society will present a program in recognition of the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812. Comments will be made about the 28 War of 1812 American Soldier's remains which were discovered in Canada in 1987. In 1988, these unknown soldiers were interred in the Bath,N.Y. National Cemetery. Other information will be given about the involvement of Steuben County and Lindley in this war.
On Sunday May 20th, 2012 , 2 P.M at the Lindley-Presho Veteran's Monunment at the Lindley Town Hall--. the Tioga County, Pennsylvania Honor Guard will again honor Lindley area Veterans in an Armed Forces Day Ceremony.
Both events are free and the public is invited to attend.

E-mail from Dick Riffle ( age 93 years ) - 3/19/2012
I well remember the 1940 flood Rutty Passmore mentioned in his report about Al and Stella Lawrence being marooned in their home. From the lane near Bill Ayres home we saw them waving a flag of some sort. My Dad had a rowboat at our home so my brother Don and I took off across the flooded Harry Toby field to rescue them. There were huge slabs of ice floating and we had to dodge them. The current was quite fast around their house so we rowed far enough against the current so when we got to the house they were ready to jump in the boat. We managed to row to quieter water and arrived safely. There were large ice slabs hitting their house and they had become concerned their house would wash away.
When the water receded some of the homes north of Bulkley's store had mud on the floors throughout their house.
The good community spirit of folks pitched in with shovels and brooms,etc. to help clean the mud out.I remember doing some of that with my brothers.
One spring there was a flash flood on Tannery and Steamtown Creeks. We got word that the Frank Sly family were stranded in the middle of the creek. A bunch of us went to help but their house had floated a short way and was being held by a huge tree. We could see them waving a lantern for help but there was no way to reach them. The house stayed and in the morning the water receded and they were able to get out. Frank was as pale as a ghost. A frightening experience for the family. This was on Steamtown Creek. Morgan Creek flooded a couple times but the only damage was to Orcutts and George Wood's fields.
With the very heavy snow in the mountains this year,the west side of Washington and Oregon will have floods this year.
(Dick now resides in the State of Washington

In reference to the note about the "river ford" this is in the vicinity of the NYS Wetlands and boat launch-north of the Lindley bridge. Kitty


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