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Lindley School District #8 Pettigrove

This school stood at  the intersection of Ryers Creek/ (Pettigrove /Mulholland) and Welty Hill Roads. The foundation among some trees and brush is all that remains. In a conversation with the late Doris Warner, she stated that when the  Schoonover home not far from the school house burned, she and Mabel Porter hung sheets on wires inside the school building and found furniture so that the Schoonover family had a place to live. She did not mention a date, but apparently the school had been closed by this time. In looking for information on this school in the files, I located names of the students shown in the photo of the Stowell Hill School - (Post 4-13-2014 ) and have added them to that Post. I,also, found a photo of some East Lindley school students. The picture is fuzzy, but names are legible. (Post 3-24-2014) Both of these photos are in the Town Hall School Display. Copies or original photos of students from the Lindley Schools are always welcome. IF indicated -the original …

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Watson Creek School #7 (Kittel) and Former Students

Elaine Kittel Toby attended here from 1922 to 1930.  Her mother Ruby (Cole) Kittel (originally from Caton) was an early teacher. Elaine  listed other teachers as Ethel Thomas, Elizabeth Vose,  Leah Brown ,Merle Smith, Albert Hovey, Margaret Casson, Norma O' Dell, and Madeline Stickler. Now only a few stones of the foundation identify the location.

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Stowell Hill -District #6

Class  of 1947-1948 *****From  the Historian's School Files April 28-2014   I located the original photo with names that was donated by Sandy Gorges Watson . There is, also, a copy of the photo with the names in the Town Hall Lobby.   Row 1 –David Wilson, ,Larry Gorges, Raymond Ball, Carolee Catchpole, Laura Buman, Sharon Brennan Row 2-Beulah Ball, Sandra Gorges, James Deming , R. Hickey, Virginia Buman , Will Hickey Row 3 James Buman, Anna Mae Ball, Alfred Blencowe, Frank Ball

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

Are We Really Better Off than Our Ancestors?   by Dick Eastman (I borrowed this from a genealogy website as a"Food for Thought"------- post as Adrian Austin  -Lindley businessman is remembered for often saying..Kitty)
My grandfather owned a horse and a farm wagon, roughly the 1890s equivalent of the pickup truck of today. He traveled around the farming village where he lived at 3 or 4 miles per hour. When he needed to travel a longer distance, such as to the nearby city, he rode a train that reached speeds as high as 35 mph. Granddad never bought one of those new-fangled automobiles.
My father was of “the modern generation.” His first car was a well-used Model A Ford, and he went on to own an assortment of Fords, Plymouths, DeSotos, and Dodges over the years. Oh yes, one year when he worked a lot of overtime in the local factory, he bought a Cadillac. He drove most everywhere he wanted to go. He drove 50 or 60 miles an hour most everywhere. I don’t remember him ever taking a…

District #5 Lumber City

There is another school photo of Lumber City students before WWII on display in the Lindley Town Hall Lobby. Two young boys standing next to each other were both causalities of WWII. Donald Walch -a glider pilot was killed in Germany. The historian files currently does not have any information on Robert Blackman's military service. Did you ever wonder how Lumber City School  received it's name?   A short history to explain how this occurred.            A deed in the Steuben County Clerk's Office states that on April 12, 1792, Col. Lindsley sold the northern half of the Town of Lindley to  Hermanus Garrison and Gozen(John)Ryers. Garrison was the grandfather of the members of the Harrower and Mersereau families who were to become active locally in the lumbering business. Garrison acquired about 3,000 acres or 1/4th  of the land  on the West side of the Tioga River-extending from about the present Stowell Hill north to the Erwin town line and west from the river to the Tusc…