Dick Riffle Part VII

In Dick's last writing-he had talked about the southwest corner of Morgan Creek/ Lindley Road (old U.S. Rt. 15 ) business (where trucking business is now located-Editor note)
" On the other corner(northwest ) was the Merton and Edna Manley store.(later Whitaker-now the approach to new bridge-Editor note ).They were very nice people and very well thought of in the community. In those days, the grocer wrapped up some of your purchases in heavy white wrapping paper and tied a string around it.It was a joke in town that Merton was very slow in wrapping packages or cutting cheese. Pete Miller,the town jokester ,said," Merton had a new round of cheese and I asked him to cut a couple pounds for me. He was so slow by the time he got it cut,it had turned moldy" "

The other two business places were Lee and Mary Buckley's gas station and grocery store - formerly owned by Frank Odle.(at the west end of the bridge removed this summer--Editor note .) Wiiliam Pryne's gas station was just north of Buckley's .Muriel Pryne ,his daughter was the Postmistress at the Post Office in the corner of the Town Hall (Old Town Hall/Post Office/Grange @ east end of present Morgan Creek Road- Editor)


  1. Joyce Austin ShuttsOctober 6, 2009 at 9:53 AM

    Again, you have brought forth a bunch of memories from my past with the picture of the Bulkley store which my parents bought in 1950. I zoomed in and it appears Uncle Lee and Aunt Mary sold Gulf gasoline as did my parents. I also remember Whitaker's store and the 'friendly' rivalry between our two competing businesses. The empty lot between our two buildings was a playground for us kids (Whitakers and Austins) when we were young.


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