Forward of Comment Letter Ref.L/P School

Note from Kitty- Lindley Historian

This letter was forwarded to me by the Lindley Town Clerk . It expresses ideas for the L/P School if the vote on Corning Painted Post School Faciliies Plan passes in December. A yes vote would mean closing the Lindley/Presho School.

Historical note: From Lindley History - 1990 " "Joseph Miller from Morristown,NJ came with Colonel Lindsley in 1790 and was engaged by Colonel Lindsley to be the first teacher in 1793."
Eventually, the Lindley would have 9 school districts. Under the Painted Post/Corning School Consolidation Program in the 1950's,these nine schools were combined to form the Lindley/Presho School which opened in 1957. In 2007,the School celebrated 5o years of existance.
In 2010,Lindley will be have been settled for 220 years.For over 200 years,the schools in Lindley have been an important asset to the town.

-------- Original Message -------- Subject: Posts on the Historical Society Website
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 09:07:05 -0400
From: Larry Baker

I tried to post a comment on the website in reference to the use of the Lindley Presho School if the school board passes to close the school….this was my post (it didn’t allow me to do this):

I think that the Town of Lindley should look into Purchasing this building. This building would be a great replacement for the Town Hall. It would also serve as a Community Gathering spot which in turn could be used as a place to hold "Lindley Days". Great spot for the Historical Society to meet and also to store their wonderful records and findings of our beautiful area. I think also that the building has enough space to rent to other small businesses and to the public for personal uses (birthday parties, etc.)This building would be ran similar to the Union Hall in Corning that is frequently used for Benefits, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Pageants, Meetings....The cafeteria and gym are large enough to be rented for these purposes. All of the class rooms can be rented to surrounding businesses office space. Thank you for reading my post.


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