1946 Flood Photos

Janice (Whitaker) Smith attended the L/P Historical Society meeting Thursday evening and shared these photos with the group. (Thanks,Janice -they have been added to the Lindley bridge files.) With the flood control dams,it is a good feeling to know that these scenes should be a thing of the past.
Both the Whitakers and Austins experienced flooding in their stores shortly after purchasing them. The Whitakers in 1946, the Austins in 1950/51. After the 1950/51 flood, the Austins moved their store to the porch of the home next door. In 1955, they relocated to the present U.S. Rt.15.
The Whitaker family had closed their business prior to the flood of 1972 which damaged the building to the extent that it had to be demolished. Today- the west end approach to the new 2 lane bridge is located where the Whitaker store stood.
The Morgan Creek /old Lindley Roads are experiencng many changes - as they say
"even as we speak"


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