Factory Burns -- Lindley Bridge Area 1883

Many thanks to Bill Canfield for sharing historical news items that he finds while researching in Corning Library Archives.
The following is about a business located in the vicinity of the Lindley bridge. 1873 maps show the Hill family owning a saw mill, etc in this area.
From the Corning Journal,Corning ,New York Thursday-August 3,1882 P3 Column 4
" The sash,door and blind factory of W.H.Hill& Co.of Lindley ,was burning on Tuesday forenoon. The total loss is over five thousand dollars.There was $2,400 insurance on the building and machinery. The half dozen workmen had been for half an hour in the finishing room in the second story,packing up manufactured articles. There was no one in the workroom below,and the fire began in the end opposite the engine room. When the alarm was given the most of the lower story was in flames as the fire spread rapidly. The workmen hastily escaped. There was no chance to save any of the manufactured articles,the value of which was about $1,400. The saw mill owned by the Company was in much danger and also the planing mill beyond it as the burning material was carried by the wind. The Lawrenceville fire company came with a hand engine and the neighbors rallied. For two hours the contest continued. A line of men and women passed buckets of water to save the sawmill and the planing mill. The ladies of the vicinity provided a late dinner for the hundred men that had successfully fought the fire. The burned factory was built last fall and supplied with the best machinery . The enterprising proprietors have met with a great loss."
In Burr's 1951 Lindley History, is a picture labelled May 1890 and Burr states #4 "All that was left of the mills after the flood of 1889." He ,also,states the bridge #5 in the photo was damaged by the flood and replaced by the iron bridge." The plaque on the iron bridge which was replaced in 1989/90 read 1898. A copy of this picture is on display in the lobby of the Lindley Town Hall. There will be news about the 1898 plaque coming soon as well as a date for the opening of the newest Lindley bridge . . ....


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