Lindley Hamlet gets first 2 lane bridge.

A hamlet is described as a small village -of which the Town of Lindley has two - Lindley and Presho. When the 1946 flood destroyed the bridge in Presho,a two lane bridge was built in that end of town. However for reasons unknown , when a new bridge was built in the hamlet of Lindley in 1989-90 , a one lane bridge was built to replace the 1898 one lane iron bridge(see previous post for postcard picture). Finally,it dawned on someone that when the 1989 -90 bridge was to be replaced,it should be two lanes. So today -11/17/2009 219 years after Colonel Lindsley settled here, the hamlet of Lindley can boast of its first 2 lane bridge-and it is a beauty.
Congratulations to all who worked so hard to make this possible.

As part of the project,the 1898 plaque from the old iron bridge which had been saved is now mounted on posts in the parking area next to the new bridge. Without the help of Jerry Simcoe,Supervisor who voluntarily spent hours removing all the coats of old paint and making the edges even,Larry Orr of Orr's signs who painted it on short notice and donated his time and materials, Jim Hope- former Steuben County Historian (now deceased) who rescued it from the Steuben County Highway garage, Fisher Associates Engineers who designed the parking area on the abutment of the old bridge overlooking the Tioga River, Bill Reynolds contractor of Lindley who prepared the posts, Vince Spagnoletti and Steve Catherman of Steuben County Department of Public Works who co-operated with all the above to make it possible. Not to be forgotten are Don Freeland -Resident Engineer from Fisher Associates and Ed Howe Project Superintendant of Ramsey Constructors,Inc.who at 10:00 this morning- were putting the plaque and posts in place. Also,a big thank you to my ever patient husband without whose help,I wouldn't be able to do the town historian job. And to anyone, I missed- thank you,too.
So no more right angle approach from the west end of the bridge or peeking through bushes and trees on the east end while waiting your turn to cross the bridge.
Safe traveling over this much needed improvement in Lindley's highway system.


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