OOP-Wrong Date in Headline

My proof reader husband -Dick -caught my error. The correct date should be August 1882. That will teach me to try typing so late in the evening!!

Have been thinking about this story and the difficult times that our ancestors experienced. The Hills had only had this factory 1 year,when it burned and 6 years later,the sawmill was damaged by floodwaters. So far, I have found no record of whether or not they rebuilt. I have a feeling they didn't as the "old iron bridge" and "new Town Hall(1897)" were built in this vicinity .
The mention of the Lawrenceville Fire Department coming to the rescue ,also, caught my attention. Did the equipment come by railroad,by horses-manpower? How long did it take for them to arrive? Was the equipment like the picture on the wall of the Lindley/Presho Fire Department wall-over kitchen counter ??? So many unanswered questions!!!!
It's sad to think that we don't have more recorded about the "Good Old Days of Lindley history" If anyone has more stories or more pictures to share -you will find a place for my E-mail address by clicking on Kitty on the blog page or copies of this type of material can be dropped off to Megan- The Town Clerk at the town hall and she will see that I receive them.
Historians have a motto " we need to know where we have been to know where we are going" I hope you are finding these stories about our community history of interest.
And oh-if you aren't aware the pictures can be enlarged just by clicking on them .
Enjoy --Kitty Pierce


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