Dick Riffle Memories- Part V1

A Blacksmith Shop was the next building owned by George Morse (Morris).His home was across the street from the shop. He was a good blacksmith and I remember taking our horses to him to be shod. His son,George,Jr.worked on the town road crew. One day the dump truck had dumped a load of gravel and a rock got stuck under the truck bed. George reached in to loosen the rock and the truck bed came crashing down on his head,killing him instantly. It was a sad day for his parents and the community.
George Senior was,also,the Town Marshall. An incident related to this happened during a town election. About a mile past the Morgan House on Morgan Creek Road,lived three(3)bachelor brothers,Bill,Herb and Dan Driscoll. They were inclined to "hit the bottle" a bit heavy at times. During the election time,Herb was getting a bit noisy and his language a bit bad. George tried to tone hin down a little but Herb got louder. George sidled up to him and said "Now,Herb if you don't quiet down,I am going to have to run you in!" Everyone thought it was funny because there was no jail in town. Herb looked at George and said in a slow drawl-"I wern't born and brought up in the woods,to be scar't out by a hoot owl!" Then he walked away. The crowd had a good laugh.
Across the road from the Town Hall(old)on the south corner of Morgan Road and the highway ,was a building that used to be a Cheese Factory.It had been converted into a home upstairs and the Walter Carpenter family lived there for awhile. Walt was a great proponent of the "Townsend Plan",a proposed plan for the U.S. Government to give $200 a month to all Senior Citizens over 65. This never came to pass ,but was a forerunner of the Social Security system. In the same building,some years later Steve and Viola(Kuhl) Hill lived there and Steve operated a garage downstairs.


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