Comforts from Home for Civil War Soldiers -1861--(152 Years Ago)

Corning, NY Civil War Monument
 November 11,2011
(Note:Camera date is a little ahead of the time)

      Nothing makes a more refreshing and palatable drink for the sick than grape jelly and water.

   At this season, when grapes are so abundant and so cheap, would it not be well for those who wish to add to the comforts of our military hospitals, to make a supply?
The following is a recipe -

      Wash the grapes thoroughly in cold water, separate them from the stems, and mash them
 in an earthen vessel with a potato masher.
    Then put them over a fire, and boil them twenty minutes. Strain them through a bag made of three thicknesses of white mosquito netting;
to every pint of juice add one and a quarter pounds of sugar, and boil twenty minutes. Put
in pint jars -china is the strongest; paste white paper over the top, then tie a piece of strong muslin over it.  Pack them with hay or (linen rags, if you have enough,) in candle or starch boxes, first taking care that the box is well nailed and strong enough. By boring two holes in each end, near the top, and putting in strong rope handles the boxes are more certain of being kept " this side up" . 


The following rules are laid down for ladies wishing to knit socks for the soldiers. -get large needles and a coarse yarn.  Cast on twenty-eight stitches, and knit the leg ten inches before setting
the heel. The heel should be three and a half inches long and knit of double yarn, one fine and one coarse, for extra strength.The foot should be eleven or twelve inches long.

From Ladies Department - Moore's Rural New Yorker --1861
152 years has greatly improved the contents of Care Packages for the Military.


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