More Lumber City School Photos

An early photo of students
Photos  of other Lindley Schools and students are on display in the Lindley Town Hall. When known, names of the  students are attached.
The Birth of Education in One Room Country Schools December 2005 by Ian G. Mackenzie states" the former schoolhouse( Lumber City School) was built about 1865 on the Ryers Creek Road. The property was bought by Percy King (***after CPP Consolidation) who sold the building which was moved to Thurston and used as a garage. The school name was chosen because in the 1800's a small community existed at that location, -known as Lumbertown-so named because of the intense activity in the area."
The lumber company of Fox-Weston-Bronson is shown next to the school  on the 1873 map of Lindley. More on this topic later. 
If you have a photo of old Lindley schools or student groups not on display, I would be happy to add them to the Historian files.  Copies of the original photos are acceptable or I can scan and return the original.
*** my notation  -Kitty


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