A Great Day in the Town of Lindley,N.Y.

Dignitaries at Rt.15  Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
A view of Lindley,New York  from the new 4 lane Route U.S.15
(Note no exit at Lindley hamlet)
Ribbon cutting ceremony October 8,2013  -11A.M on Northbound Lane of  Route 15  (Town Of Lindley) -(someday to be I 99
Today was a beautiful day for the long awaited opening of 4 lanes of traffic through the Town of Lindley N.Y
        This project has been discussed since plans were made to extend the 4 lane highway to Presho, N.Y. from Painted Post. (That section of the project was completed in 1970- if I recall correctly.) 
         In 1997, Pennsylvania and New York authorities started discussions to continue the 4 lane highway from Presho all the way to Williamsport, Pa. and beyond.
 Today -marked the end of 16 years of planning and  construction.
Lindley residents and travelers along the 5 miles of 2 lanes of traffic from Presho to Lawrenceville can all gave a collective sigh of relief that this 5 miles is finally completed.
On a historical note- In the Wellsboro newspaper archives on line from the Wellsboro, Penna. Green Library is an article stating in 1923, the last 5 miles of concrete to be finished from Presho, N.Y.to Lawrenceville, Penna. was finally completed. This was the last 5 miles to be finished on the north/south route from Buffalo, N.Y. to Washington, D.C.   Today - history was repeated with the completion of these same 5 miles.
Photo credits to Fran Temple   -Thank You 
And a thank you to Bill Canfield and Fran Woodring for attending the Rt. 15 project meetings for 16 years and attempting to  keep the Lindley residents informed.


  1. And we thought this day would never come. A beautiful day all around!


  2. Congratulations! A long time coming. I will have to try it out, next time I come home.
    Bonnie Pierce Kline


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