Lindley-Presho Fire Department Members

1963  Members- Front Row
Glenn Terwilliger, Elmer Huels, Dale Drake, Richard Pierce, Mike Morse 

2013 & 1963  Members-Back Row
Terry Hill, Curt Drake, Gary Kollhoff, Alonzo Toby, Bradley Drake, Blaine Toby, Harry Pierce (1963), Mary Jane Semple, Harold Semple, Randy Hill, Ed Parish, Sheldon Ward (1963), Howard McFall, Dylan Hill, Ed Hawkins  

Thanks to all the past and present members of the Department for all their volunteer services to the Lindley Community for the past 50 years. 
 Thank You to all the members of the Department and to the Lindley  residents  who attended the 50th Anniversary Party for the Fire Department on Sunday October 27th. It was great to see so many in attendance.


  1. Looking good! I recognize Dad (Richard Pierce) and Uncle Harry (Harry Pierce) and some other familiar names. Bonnie Pierce Kline


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