Bridge Opening

On Thursday November 18th,2010 ,the new bridge on Steuben County Rt.115 (formerly U.S. Rt.15) will be open to traffic in a ceremony at 1 P.M. The old bridge over the Cowanesque River has been replaced with a new modern structure . Gone is the picturesque bridge that endured the 2 lanes of traffic of Rt.15 all these years until Lawrenceville ,Penna. was by passed with the new 4 lanes of traffic on what will be I 99 in the future-(2015?????) . I doubt that it will be missed by the drivers of the big semi trucks who had to negotiate it -side by side.

Local political dignitaries will be present to give speeches and to cut the ribbon. Local residents who have detoured all summer will give a sigh of relief to see the bridge reopened.


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