Steamtown Creek Millstone

If only objects could tell their story . This is the tale of the millstone as I have heard it.
There is speculation about how the millstone shown in the photos was used.
A number of years ago, it was located on the Tioga River Flats in Lindley near Steamtown Creek. It had apparently been washed up by a flood. Members of the Judson Kennedy family rescued it and had it on their lawn until they moved to California. Arlie and Katherine(Kennedy - a sister to Judson)Loughridge then became owners. After their death,the stone was in the possession of another member of the Loughridge family.
In 2009, the millstone was placed in an auction.Fortunately, a former resident of Lindley recognized the stone and was able to purchase it. While not in it's original location,(as far as we know) the millstone found a home at a Steamtown Creek residence.
Members of the Loughridge family report that their Grandmother remembered seeing the stone used to grind corn on Steamtown Creek.
Where and how it was used -remains a question, but hopefully-- it is almost home again.


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